I remember being very enthusiastic about the re-invented Rolex Milgauss watches in 2007. I am a regular visitor of several Rolex forums, and most active on the Dutch Rolex forum, as writing/reading posts in your mother language still works best. It occured to me that only few forum visitors/members have a Rolex Milgauss in their collection (or as their only watch). When I just visited the sales corner of ‘das R-L-X’ forum, I noticed quite a few for sale, including those with the green saphire crystal called Rolex Milgauss GV.

Rolex Milgauss GV

Although the odds were different one year ago, the Milgauss doesn’t seem to be an immediate hit as I expected it would be. The period where prices were over the list price is long gone already, except for the green sapphire model I guess. The regular models (white and black dial) start below 4000 euro. Although I don’t care much about block buster watches, I was clearly wrong about the future of the Rolex Milgauss. If you look at watches as an investment, it might be a good bet anyway. Rolex watches that do no sell very well at this moment, are probably the most sought-after watches in the (far) future. Think former Milgauss, 1960s and 1970s Daytona and (more or less) the Rolex Oyster-Quartz models. That is at least what I hope for with respect to my precious Yacht-Master 🙂 Oh, anyway… for those who have a modern Rolex Milgauss, enjoy your watches!

Rolex Milgauss 116400
Rolex Milgauss 116400, a LNIB for sale at Bernard Watch Co for less than list..

Interesting book on this subject:

  • Squaw

    The white face Milgauss is the best looking, and by far the most desired among those in finance. Yes, the less interest there is, the less production, and the MORE demand there will be 5-10 years out.

    Buying the Milguass now under US$7,000 is probably one of THE BEST INVESTMENTS ever. Nobody knows about the Milguass now, but they will in 5-10 years.

  • Albert Chiu

    If you are a Rolex collector, you will know why Milgauss is so different with other Rolex models. It is featuring with the antimagnetic feature that other Rolex models do not provide. The Rolex sports models are mainly for stylistic but Milgauss is designed for the professional.

    If you look at IWC, there antimagnetic feature is more or less the standard feature in their various production lines. But the Rolex, the antimagnetic is only found in the Milgauss.

    Now, Milguass is with less attention or less popular. I assure that 5-10 years later, people will seek this model when they know the history of the antique Milguass and which is extremely rare in the market.

  • Troy O.

    I just purchased the saphire Milgauss today, love it. It reminds me of the classic styling of the 60s, clean lines and smooth bezel. I have the new GMT, Submariner Gold/Stanless and an Explorer II and love them all for different reasons and the Milgauss has it’s place, very sleek and only a person with a eye for fine watches would notice it in a crowd which is just what I was looking for with this one. Enjoy your investments gang, it’s a rare club these days.

  • Richard W.

    I have been a Rolex collector for over 3 years. With the economy crisis, I have managed to purchase the “green” milgauss at a very special price last month. Now I have collected all 3 models (green, black and white). I am so sure that this would be a hot item in any auction once the economy is getting better.

  • ness

    Today I just purchased for my husband the very stylish saphire Milgauss and I must say how very pleased he was with it! Like the above gentle man says it’s sleek and the reason I did buy this particular one is it is not in your face and a big rolex kettle but something of beauty!! It doesnt shout out Rolex and he does not wear it for the name but a thing of quality and class!!

  • Samson L.

    I just finished my skiing vacation in Austria and on my way back home in Munich I was attracked by this beautiful watch (white face). Orange is supposed to be a sportive colour however it works perfectly fine with polished stainless steel and the white dial and goes well with shirt and tie (and match with your causal look during the weekend).
    Simple is beauitful, it’s the second Rolex that draws my attention since I had my last one 10 years ago for the Sea Deweller.

  • Athrun

    I am supposed to accompany a friend to get a watch, but when I saw this black Milgauss watch in the shop, I was totally attracted by it, especially the unique needle. Nonetheless, I got this baby which happened to my first Rolex watch.

  • WK How

    I was actually going to buy a black faced Explorer II until I saw the Milgauss with green sapphire glass. It is subtle and beautiful. I will definitely recommend it to my friends, especially those who dislike the extra attention as this watch is not as ‘loud’ as the others. It also feels very solid (doesn’t all Rolexes do?) and clean.

  • Paddy

    I heard that Rolex will not be making the Milgauss after this year. Has anyone else heard this?

  • Chris Russell

    I bought the Milgauss because it is the only large Rolex with a simple dial, clean bezel and no cyclops. It has now taken pride of place in my collection. A bonus is that it’s ridiculously accurate, like a quartz. I purposely avoided the green glass model, I personally think it looks too busy and a bit overwrought.

    • byrocar

      Let’s not pretend, you “avoided” the green glass model because you couldn’t find it.

  • Mike

    I’ve never been a big fan of Rolex watches as they are hands down the most popular high-end time pieces. Not knocking their quality or style, I just prefer something a bit more unique.
    Then I saw the Milgauss. Totally different. Simple yet far from boring. Sporty yet classy. The green crystal is definitely the way to go. And certainly less popular than the Daytona.
    Love the Milgauss.
    Hellooo Satna Clause!

  • michiel

    I just bought the Milgauss. with black dial of course. nice understated. and yes, this is the Rolex that only people with an eye for it, recognise. and appriciate. and never a bad remark. really, i am very, very happy with the watch.

  • David

    Hi all!
    Got the green Milgauss and love it. Purely an investment, but it looks fantastic and I love wearing it. (personally don’t wear watches) Not gaudy and scientific as it can be.
    Well done Rolex

  • Watch fan

    Already is getting hard to find the white face Milgauss at ADs. Rumor has it Rolex is ramping down the production. It was the same that before the 80’s the 1019 model was “not so popular” so Rolex discontinued the model. Now, you can’t even buy one for less than $25-$30K. If you are smart and want to have an investment in a watch, this is the one to have. GMT, Datejust, SM, etc will not do it.

  • Tom O’Connor

    I don’t know anything about watch collecting but about 40 years ago I bought a Milgauss black dial ref 1019 for a work watch and now people tell me that it is a collectors item. Can anyone coment and point me in the right direction as where to go to sell this watch at a fair price.

    • Hans Jonsson

      Im interested. Mail me at hans.jonsson@mah.se

      Best Regards

      Hans Jonsson

  • Gregorio

    I’ve always wanted a Rolex, and while telling people that I was on the market for one, everyone i spoke to suggested a different brand. They all said that everyone had a Rolex and that their style was replicated by everyone. Then I purchased a Green Crystal Milaguss. At first i was skeptical, because of the off the wall colors and Lightning Bolt second hand, but the more i looked at it the more i liked it. I haven’t seen anyone with it, and everyone seems to love it…it’s definitely a conversation piece and a unique time piece. I’ve been noticing them on sale on the internet a lot more lately, but i can definitely see it being worth a lot more in the future.

  • Chris

    I’ve bought a milgauss gv today. After trying it on in the shop I just had to have it. I love the simple clean face and the subtle tweaks with the green glass and lightning bolt second hand. Plus it’s a watch with history that just adds to it all. Only down side to it all is I didn’t particulary feel safe walking round Nottingham with a bag from the jewellers and the watch on my wrist.

  • Aaron K

    I’ve bought my Rolex Milgauss with black dial and clear sapphire glass about over a year ago. I think it will be one of the most sought after pieces after 10 years alongside with the white and black/green piece. I love my Milgauss because it doesn’t scream out Rolex as the Datejust, the GMT masters and Submariners. In the future I would probably buy one of the new DatejustII or the old Yachtmaster because of their robust sizes. An interesting watch is also the bigger Explorer. A Rolex is definately an investment, wether if you sell it or not.

  • I don’t buy anything because everyone else has one…to me that is a reason to pass. This is a thing of beauty and thus will increase in valu over time.

    I special ordered mine, with a white face and the green glass.


  • Paul F

    Hi All,

    Been looking at buying this watch, and after reading all your comments looks like a wise thing to do. I wasnt looking at buying it for investment reasons, Im a designer and appreciate the aesthetics of it. It has the Rolex quality without the look. But since reading your comments seems like a good investment too.

    So would any of you be able to advise me the best one to purchase for investment purposes as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Simon

      Hi All,

      I am ready to buy my first ever Rolex watch and very excited about it too. It had always been the 36mm Explorer for years without a shed of doubt. That was until a few weeks ago however, when I saw a Milgauss for the very first time. The white version immediately stood out to me and when I tried it on it looked and felt amazing. This was a complete shock as I have quite small wrists and never imagined a watch of this size could work but it is a perfect fit and a perfect look.

      It’s because its so unique that I like it. Most watches have black dials and a ‘standard’ looking second hand. This does not. The white and the orange work so well together. It really is a fantastic look and very different from so many other watches regardless of brand. OK, so I like it! The problem is this…

      I put a deposit down on a 36mm Explorer two months ago. This is the last of its kind since the changeover to the 39mm dial, which again, to my surprise I didn’t like when I tried it on earlier today.

      My natural instincts tell me to buy the watch I like the most and that is definitely the Milgauss. However, I can’t help but think the Explorer may well become sought after and collectable now; and, the one on hold for me is one from the very last batch from early September. So, what do I do? Its only between these two models because I don’t like any other Rolex watches.

      Looking forward to your thoughts and to hear what others base their decisions on. This will most likely be my only Rolex purchase. If I do buy a second watch it will be a Cartier Ballon Bleu second hand.

      Best wishes,

  • Shelly Olsan

    Nice Article here.

  • william adams

    just purchased black face clear milgauss today. used 2012 mint one owner, director of laings
    under 4,000 £. lovely, nice size. I buy mostly used watches in good condition, sea dweller,
    panerai, iwc, zenith, just cant keep from buying a nice watch, will keep for investment but also
    wear on rotation, is it worth the purchase of used aquanaut, hard to find for about 9k.

  • Tim Hardy

    I bought one – it’s the only Rolex i own. I find others a bit formulaic; this one is understated, well designed and a handsome piece.

    Otherwise i stick with classic (leather strap omegas), IWC portofino and Breitling unitime.