SevenFriday V3/01 – The Driver’s Edition

Robert-Jan Broer
October 21, 2015
SevenFriday V3/01 – The Driver’s Edition

Not too long ago we showed you the SevenFriday V1/01 and V2/01, two new cool watches from this successful Zürich company. Today they introduce the V3/01, a model name that is slightly better picked in my opinion than V1 and V2 – for obvious reasons (but perhaps I am very critical here). The V3/01 is basically the same as the V1/01 and V2/01, but with a different dial and perhaps the true successor of the very popular (and sold out) P3/01.

SevenFriday V3/01The price for the V3/01 is slightly higher than the other new V-series, with CHF1135 Swiss Francs. But you do get a wonderful looking carbon-look dial or as SevenFriday puts it: a waxed carbon look pattern.

Just like the V1/01 and V2/01, this new piece will have a will have a NFC chip on board. This new way of authenticating a timepiece is [perhaps] a clever way to to tell fakes from authentic ones.

SevenFriday V3/01The V3/01 has of course also the “Additioner” system, a new and different way to tell time. Once you get the hang of it, it is not too difficult. We explained in detail how this works in our previous article on the V-series.

Inside the V3/01, SevenFriday installed the Miyota 82S7 movement, with 40 hours of power reserve.

More information can be found on the official SevenFriday website.

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