In the Netherlands we have this website called ‘Marktplaats’, which is as much as ‘MarketPlace’. It seems to be the source of all evil when it comes to fakes and replica things. I really don’t understand that Rolex or some organisation with the task to chase illegal activities like breaking copyright laws, does not seem to care about these kind of websites.

Anyway, today I did a search for (Rolex) Submariners and I got this… which made me speechless for a few moments:

The owner/seller claims that he bought it in Dubai for 750 USD and that he is selling it because he ended his collecting hobby 🙂

  • Steve In Florida

    Actually I am not surprised, for my upcoming book Monkey V Rolex which is an in depth guide how to be able to tell difference between a real Rolex and a Monkey (Fake)watch, I bought the same Coca-Cola dial but in a white/silver color for only 45 dollars, not 750 ..?

  • Ivan

    I know that in China the fake watch factories must to move from different places a lot because brands like Rolex has people hired in order to look for this kind of “business”. Then they demand the factory to the chinese government and they close it. This is what happpens to manufacture.
    But it seems that they cannot do nothing with the selling. Being sincere, I don’t care if someone buy a Rolex with the coca cola logo and pays 600$ as bargain. I am happy for the seller.