It has been a while, but we’re happy to announce the first Speedy Tuesday (スピーディチューズデー) event of 2023! It will be held in Tokyo, Japan, just like we did in 2019. On September 26, we will bring together the Speedmaster community once more with a fantastic event to celebrate all things Speedmaster. It’s the chance to gather with other passionate Speedmaster collectors, meet team members at Fratello and Omega, and get a hands-on look at Speedmaster highlights from the present and the past.

You can now register for our Speedy Tuesday Event in Tokyo, Japan. It will be held on the 26th of September, so if you would like to join in on the action, make sure to sign up fast! Places will be limited for the Tokyo Speedy Tuesday 2023 event. Tokyo (and Japan in general) is a wonderful place with many Speedmaster fans, as attested to by the turnout we saw in 2019. The relationship of Japanese collectors with the Speedmaster is a strong one. This explains the number of unique Speedy models created exclusively for the Japanese market over the years.

Our Hong Kong Speedy Tuesday Event

A Speedmaster-packed program

Earlier this year, Omega introduced the new Speedmaster Spirate, which will also be shown in Japan. However, our focus will be more on the artisanal side of things. With Omega’s product management and museum team, we will focus on some exceptional Speedmaster creations from the past and present. The program will start in the afternoon and will include dinner as well. After registration, a complete program will be shared with those who will be lucky enough to attend. There will only be space for a limited number of people, so be quick!

Still need convincing? Check out some highlights from last year’s #SpeedyTuesday events in Biel, Milan, and The Hague.

Sign up now for our Speedy Tuesday Tokyo 2023 Event on September 26

After the sign-up window closes, we will select approximately 45 lucky guests. These attendees will receive a confirmation (Save the Date), eventually followed by a detailed program for that day.

We look forward to seeing you at this Speedy Tuesday event!

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