Last week we covered Sinn’s latest releases. While we’re overjoyed to see some new variations coming out of Frankfurt am Main, we certainly cannot wait to get them in our hands, on our wrists, and out in the wild. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the technologies that make these new releases so special.

Perhaps the most exciting news last week was not the news of a new model, but rather an update to an existing stalwart. The Sinn U1 has a new friend. The Sinn U50 is a smaller version of the popular tool diver. While the U1 measured 44mm, the U50 comes in at a more wearable 41mm width and 11.5mm height. That’s a reduction of 3mm, which is pretty significant for a tool diver of this style.


Honey, I Shrunk the U1!

Durability and clear readability remain. The U50 has a matte-black dial and a display that concentrates on the essentials. Picking out the design are flashes of bright white and vibrant red for an easy reading experience. Furthermore, the case and crown are made of high-strength German Submarine Steel. This type of steel stands out not only for its extremely high strength and exceptional non-magnetic properties but also for its especially high resistance to seawater.

This material is 100% austenitic steel.

It has been developed by ThyssenKrupp for the outer shells of the very latest non-nuclear submarines, the 212 class, of the German navy. This material is 100% austenitic steel. Also, submarine steel is, on account of its ductility, extremely resistant to cracking, thereby further increasing its reliability.


Challenging conditions

What’s additionally impressive, though, is how the bezel itself has been tegimented to make it especially scratch-resistant. This change was made after Sinn conducted an extensive analysis of high-wear surfaces on the watch. From a useability perspective, it is a great improvement.

…the case finish appears bead blasted.

This outstanding material has also been deployed on the pushers and crown, with all components milled directly from submarine steel. Thanks to the style of machining, the case finish appears bead blasted. It is an ideal surface appearance for a rugged watch designed to be used in challenging conditions.

If you ever get the chance to handle tegimented steel, I would recommend it. Not only does it feel nice to the touch, but it also has a reassuring weight. Additionally, its scratch resistance is truly exceptional. On more than one occasion, I have taken a sharp screwdriver to these housings.  I have never been able to leave a mark on its surface.


Is it possible? I am told it is. But it is highly unlikely to occur during daily wear. that’s the kind of reassurance I want every time I strap on an adventure watch. To learn more about Sinn and its exciting technological developments, visit the official website here.