The German watch portal has a number of brand forums (i.e. IWC, AP, Panerai, Omega, Sinn, Rolex and more).¬†One thread in the Rolex forum caught my eye. A forum visitor by the name of ‘Prof. Rolex’ describes the history of the Explorer II ref.1655 from 1971 till 1984. It is in German ofcourse, but you might be able to translate the text with the help of babelfish! Click here to read the original post.

I guess you really have to save up for these vintage beauties! Have seen several of them with a price tag of 12500 Euro and more…

Btw, the ref.1655 Explorer II is also refered to as the Steve McQueen Rolex 🙂

  • Beautiful!

  • Andrew Byrne

    I’m fortunate enough to own Rolex Explorer 11
    Steve Mc Queen. I will take bids on this watch.Picture will be sent on request.
    Purchased from original owner 13yrs ago In CapTown South Africa I have the watch here in the Philippines The box and papers are in Cape Town. Any offers for this very rare timepiece. I am told it will be trading for 18000,00 US by the end of 2009.

    Explorer 11 circa 1972
    Model no: 16550-78360-B10
    Serial no: 3299873
    Cal/Mov.No 1570
    Dial description: BK-10 t/n
    Serviced: 29 8 05
    Service cost RM 1450.00

  • Andrew Byrne

    For the Explorer 11 as posted above I will accept Bid or offers above Euro 10500

  • Antoine Royer

    Is your watch still available?
    If so, can you email pictures?

  • mike boud

    hey andy,mike boud here,send me a reply if you are the right andy.we used to do auctions in southafrica.nick says hi

  • paul thorpe

    Is the watch still available.

    Can you advise bids to date…I’m interested.

    regards Paul Thorpe

  • alex

    Hello, if the watch is for sale please let me know thanks

  • Simone

    Hi there, someone can help me with the original box of the 1655 ? I have the watch and the serian number is 33xxxxx ( 1973 ) and I want please to know the serial number of the original box ( i have a box with nr 11.00.71 but i’m note sure that this is the right one ) thx Simone

  • rony

    hi, i have a similar steve mqueen 1655 rolex in 95percent condition. No restoration done so far 🙂 email me if interested.

  • JOB

    i want to bid it to, Mr. Bryne. Can you send the picture for me?

  • graham

    i have a steve mcqueen for sale bought it 1980 or 81 all original !! orange hand now fading to yellow keeps perfect time anyone like to make an offer will send pics, graham