Watchville stole our hearts a few years ago, offering a perfect app that combined all the feeds from the major watch titles, including Fratello, of course. Sadly, a few weeks ago, Hodinkee (owners of the Watchville app) decided to pull the plug.

The good news is that it didn’t take long for some alternatives to pop up. Successors like Watchicity and Allwatchnews popped up only a few days later, first as websites, but now also as apps for iOS and Android.

RJ’s 1991 Rolex Day-Date on a Fratello Signature strap in olive green Baranil

The guys behind Watchicity ensured that their app has the same functionality as Watchville. It includes a daily top 10 overview, the best-read articles per week and month, and also a special tab for videos only. Additionally, Watchicity allows you to bookmark articles and videos so that you can read and view them at your convenience. Very important, at least to me, is a proper search function. Thankfully, that is also included in the app.

Because most online watch titles have their tone of voice, community, or special focus, it’s neat to have one app that shows what’s happening in the whole of the watch world. Watchville paved the way as a news aggregator for watch enthusiasts, and we’re sad to see it go. However, we applaud the new initiatives and hope you will find them as useful as we do.

In total, there are 22 titles included in Watchicity’s app (including Fratello). You even have the option of hiding any titles you don’t want to see. The Watchicity app is available for iOS (here) and Android (here) and is free of charge.

Don’t forget that you can still download our Fratello iOS app if you want another way of browsing the site.