Tiger Woods, a golf pro hero that sees his career end-up in pieces in just a few weeks, only because he doesn’t live up to the high standard of being a role model for every kid in the US who wants to achieve something. Who cares what he does in his private life? He didn’t kill anyone, didn’t steal.. The hypocrisy of the ones who judge and dropped him is unbelievable imho. I think golf pro Nick Faldo had the same sort of problems in the past (early 1980s) and he recovered quite okay-ish. Anyway, just like his sponsor TAG Heuer, Tiger saw his name/image going down rather quickly due to some bad Public Relations/Communication.

I hope that TAG Heuer at least has the decency not to drop him like some of the other sponsors did. Woods remains a great ambassador for their sports watches, simply due to the fact that he is a great sportsman. Currently, TAG Heuer promotes their Golf watch using Tiger Woods as ambassador. In real life, it seems that Tiger choses the TAG Heuer Link Chronograph.

His wife (and former model) Elin Nordegren seems to have a nice taste in watches as well. The popular German Rolex Forum (R-L-X.DE) spotted her wearing a Rolex sportswatch (looks like a Submariner), as you can see below. You can find a lot of other famous people wearing Rolex in the R-L-X thread here, or visit Jake’s Rolex blog.

  • mark

    I understand tiger getting privcy for his family. But that does not excuse his infidelites and him being a bad representive for your product! I will watch closely! From a Caring consumer and family man. Thanks Mark!

  • Good writeup RJ. I asked my readers what they think and the results are also mixed – some think TAG should drop him, others think not. What a controversy. The life of a celebrity athlete…just can’t win on these things…paparazzi is out of control.

  • Rob

    I just read that TAG dropped Tiger. As expected.

  • Richard


    I agree with you, I think.

    The problem is that Woods’ personal life and marital issues seem out of place and unresolvable in the context of these commercial endeavors. Does he have to be perfect, in every way, to endorse the products? That seems not just unlikely, but impossible. But there he is, and he took on both parts of that deal himself. He is the one who took on the role of being resolute, imperious, and perfect, and yet, here he is, exposed as just another man.

    It also troubles me that there are those who want to punish him for being a Bad Person (“I will be watching him…”). Is he like a small child that needs to be watched? Should he be prevented from playing golf? Tossed out of the PGA for infidelity? Who are the people who think that way? Are they our societal nannies? Did someone appoint them to guard our virtue?

    In some way, of course, the sponsors are also missing the point, because the essence of the endorsements seems so limited in its reach. If the essence of the endorsements is that Tiger is Perfect, and so are the watches, then of course the the whole thing is a big mess. But isn’t the essence of the endorsement, properly considered, that the watches, the golf equipment, and the accounting services endorsed are human endeavors, designed to deal with and overcome challenges and adversity?

    A big part of Tiger’s game is the long shot he hits that lands in the rough, from which he then hits a remarkable shot to the green. Each time he hits one of those long shots he looks unhappy, of course, but he then deals with it and frequently, if not generally, prevails. In that sense Tiger lives an exciting life, one with risk, as opposed to the other golfers who just “lay it up” so they can get to the green. That is one reason he has the endorsements and the other golfers do not. In one sense his personal life is just the same: More risk taking. Why should anyone be surprised?

    He is also just about the only professional golfer worth watching.

  • RJ, good to see Tiger back and on form at the Masters last night (UK time). I still wear my TAG Golf (the one on his wrist in the picture above) more and my Sea Dweller. It hasn’t messed with my private life !