In our double-talk, two of our editors share their bold opinions on just one watch. This week Karina and Robert-Jan discuss the new Omega release — the 40mm Yellow Gold De Ville Trésor.

Although Omega is well-known especially for its sports watches like Seamaster Diver 300M or Speedmaster, its more elegant lines De Ville and Constellation are as significant as the ones mentioned before. Largely due to the remarkable stories of both lines and simply awesome designs. However, today let’s have a closer look at the novelty from the De Ville Trésor line. 

40mm Moonshine Gold Omega De Ville Trésor

The De Ville Trésor Collection

The Trésor watches were launched originally in 1949 and housed Omega’s famous 30mm caliber. In 2014, Omega decided to relaunch the Trésor as part of the De Ville collection. The first generation came with anti-magnetic hand-wound caliber 8511 with Co-Axial escapement and Si14 silicon balance spring. Then, the time came for the Omega’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8910. And finally, we lived to the new version with small second and power reserve indicators. 

Omega De Ville Trésor 435.

Karina’s Take 

I’m over the Moon that Omega has finally released the 40mm Trésor with yellow gold case. Last year I was so impressed by the ladies’ Omega Trésor in Moonshine Gold that for me the introduction of men’s model made of the same alloy was only a matter of time. To say I find the yellow gold so captivating would be putting it mildly. Moreover, the combination of the streamlined case with the silvery dial is simply very elegant and tasteful. And this dark taupe alligator strap! Simply, the selection of colors of this specific concept is a masterwork.

Omega De Ville Trésor 435.

Does Karina Need The Petite Seconde And Power Reserve Indicators?

On the other hand, two things are not necessarily much-needed (at least in my opinion) here. Frankly, I love the simplicity especially when we talk about the watch like Trésor. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why Omega had to take this step. There are so many people who are into these small complications and diversions. Yet I love the minimalistic vibes of Trésor. Do I think they are disturbing? Well, not really. However, I feel this design without additional sub-dials would be even more distinctive but perhaps also very predictable.  

Omega De Ville Trésor 435.

RJ’s Love For Gold

I don’t make it a secret, my love for gold watches is real. And I can lie and tell you that this is only the case since I am past 40, but I always loved gold watches. I just felt that this material is not always appropriate, but that also changed. If you think you can wear gold, you should do it. No matter if you’re 25 or 50 years old. Just go for it. With the yellow gold alloy, which contains quite a bit of palladium, the color is a bit paler than 18ct yellow gold. I enjoy my Speedmaster Professional in 18ct Moonshine a lot, it is almost my daily wearer. This new De Ville Trésor ticks many boxes for me. It is a bit more refined than my gold Constellation Globemaster, but certainly not dull. I wasn’t too sure about the power reserve at first, but after wearing it over the weekend, I think it adds something nice to the table. Especially because it is a hand-wound watch. An automatic watch with a power reserve is something I never understood.

Omega De Ville Trésor 435.

Will The Gold De Ville Trésor Be The Next RJ’s Watch? 

Is it all gold then, that this watch has to offer? The dial is simply pretty, with a very fine structure in there. I also like the material of the case, as mentioned above. The shape of the hands, the shape of the case, makes this De Ville Trésor simply a very elegant watch. But, there are also a few question marks I’d like to pose. The writing of “Power Reserve” in the upper dial makes little sense to me. I know what it is, especially when I spend a significant amount of money on a watch. Another thing that made me frown a bit, is the bridge of the caliber 8935 movement in Sedna plated gold. It contrasts quite a bit with the yellow gold of the case. However, in all honesty, both are mere excuses not to buy one. Would it make the watch more perfect when it didn’t have the power reserve text on the dial and a yellow gold-plated bridge? Perhaps so, but imperfection is often the reason why someone or something is highly attractive.

Omega De Ville Trésor 435.

Final thoughts

As you probably know both editors are Omega enthusiasts. RJ is the mastermind behind #SpeedyTuesday while Karina is the creator of Omega Ladies Club. Both have different tastes for watches. RJ loves gold and Karina prefers steel with some icing. But what do you think about the new 40mm Yellow Gold Omega De Ville Trésor? Will it be your next watch?

More information about the 40mm Yellow Gold Omega De Ville Trésor you will find on the Omega website.

Specifications: Diameter 40mm / Height 10.07mm / Caliber 8935 / Power Reserve: 72 hours / 18ct yellow gold / Grey alligator strap / Price €17,400