2021 has arrived and like so many of you, I have been thinking about what watch I should choose next. As you have probably noticed from my personal choices, I’ve never been an enthusiast for gold. In my opinion, steel rivals gold and two-tone watches. At least, that was always the way…until now. It’s been tough to figure out what steel watch should be on my wish-list for 2021. Luckily, at the end of last year, Omega released its new Trésor collection, shining as it does a spotlight on Moonshine gold.

Moonshine gold is nothing new for the Trésor collection. In 2019, just one year after the introduction of the Trésor line for women, the Swiss brand presented two new Trésors made of Moonshine gold. Back then, these models failed to win my heart. Yes, they were elegant and feminine but the combination of strap colors with the dials didn’t really do it for me.

Omega-Tresor Moonshine Ladies 428.

However, I’ve never come face-to-face with a more eye-catching alloy than the Moonshine Gold. The Moonshine gold is quite a cool tone of gold which makes it very versatile. It is not so warm that it draws attention towards it or distracts from whatever you pair with it. Having seen it in the metal, I had to learn more. To say I was intrigued would be putting it mildly. 

Hands-on Omega Tresor Moonshine Gold Ladies

The boldness of Moonshine Omega Trésor

There was something magical about the Moonshine Trésor when I put it on my wrist for the first time. As a watch editor focused on ladies’ watches, I am always on the hunt for watches I can’t resist. And this watch belongs in that category. The attention grabber here is undoubtedly the 36mm case. The 38 diamonds adorning the streamlined design give it a timeless charm that I would expect from a modern cocktail watch. Of course, the Moonshine gold-polished case is what really makes the latest Omega so fancy, but it doesn’t sit entirely comfortably with me. The polished surface is easier to scratch; but having in mind that it’s just 36mm, even on a petit wrist the watch sits comfortably. It doesn’t stick out and it’s very thin so the likelihood of damage is extremely low. 

Omega-Tresor Moonshine Ladies 428.

The white dial energizes the concept even more. In that spirit of Moonshine gold, the oversized Roman numerals and hands direct attention towards the centre and create an intriguing contrast. I’m convinced that Omega has made every effort to come up with a truly refined timepiece. The two-tone case back, decorated with the spiral drawing of a flower on a mirrored surface, immediately captivates. However, I’m glad that this time the product development team bailed on the red liquid ceramic flower on the crown. In this model the crown is made of Moonshine gold with a diamond in the center. It is a much less disruptive look and one I think will age far better.

Omega Tresor Moonshine Gold Bracelet

Sculptural Bracelet

What a pleasure it was to admire the incredibly glamorous Moonshine gold mesh bracelet that embellishes the new Trésor. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that Trésor’s bracelet is beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time — something so bold and full-blooded that it leaves me in no doubt. I want this bracelet. I haven’t been able to say that so assuredly for a long time. With this on my wrist, I feel I could scream it out loud.

Inspired by the vintage techniques, the bracelet, crafted with a silk-like pattern, is the first bracelet within the collection. For me, it is both contemporary and substantial. And I believe it’s ideal for any occasion — from a late drink with friends to a casual walk in the park. In terms of its comfort, however, my response is somewhat mixed.

Women who like wearing their watches tight might find this bracelet too rigid. Nonetheless, loosening it slightly will deliver the anticipated comfort. I personally couldn’t fault it (it was what I’d been waiting for), but I really do advise you to try it on your wrist first as it is unlike most other bracelets I’ve encountered.  The price tag for the Omega Trésor Moonshine Gold On Bracelet 428. is $24,300.

Omega Tresor 428. & 428.

New Variations 

Alongside the Moonshine gold models on bracelets, Omega has released more vivid colors that exude the same spirit, albeit with a totally different character on the wrist. Trésor’s collection features two case types — stainless steel and Moonshine gold. The Moonshine gold model comes with a white dial and a white rubber strap. Meanwhile, vibrant dials and straps bring the stainless steel timepieces to life.

Looking at stainless steel Trésors, the brown variation with Moonshine hands and numerals gives me instant joy. I love how sophisticated yet casual this watch is. It’s perfect for that on the go lifestyle. The movement in all eight pieces is quartz caliber 4061. The prices are varied, ranging from $4,500 to $9,400.

Omega Tresor Brown 428.

Is The New Moonshine Gold Omega Trésor Worth The Money?

Like you, no doubt, I’ve been wondering if $24,300 is the “right” price for a quartz watch. Not so long ago, I was reflecting on the expensive Patek Twenty~4. I found I really liked the design but I couldn’t see much value in the quartz besides its practicality. Naturally, understanding the price behind any luxury goods requires consideration of every step of production with the addition of retail margin.

Rarely does the average consumer of luxury goods appreciate the costs a company bears. Usually, people think the price-tag is all about maximizing brand profits. However, we can’t forget that watchmakers, marketing teams, sales forces have as much a right to earn a decent wage as any other specialist does. And while more and more luxury brands are getting on board in terms of transparency, luxury watch brands are still lagging behind.  

Hands-on Omega Tresor

Whereas the price for stainless steel, quartz Patek is high, I totally understand the value of a gold, diamond-pave timepiece. The Moonshine gold Trésor benefits from its alloy and gemstones. Moreover, creating this Milanese bracelet is much harder than it looks. Indeed, it is woven by machines, and then the silky-pattern is pressed on the top. Nonetheless, it is a difficult process that requires a lot of hard work and product development in order to achieve this kind of quality. You can find more details about Trésor on Omega’s website. In the meantime, let me know how much would you be prepared to spend on a quartz watch in the comments section below.