Looking back to 1949 for inspiration, and embracing more contemporary design of their watches, in 2018, Omega introduced Trésor – a new line for women. Two models from De Ville sub-collection are the latest Omega release to have fallen for the romance of diamonds and ultra-slim cases.

Historically speaking, while men still preferred to rock traditional pocket watches, two women – Queen Elizabeth I, and Queen Marie Antoinette – revolutionized the way of wearing timepieces. At that time, both ladies ordered discreet and chic repeaters on a diamond bracelet called wristlets. With the release of the first wristwatch in 1810, bejeweled cocktail timepieces become extremely popular among women, resulting in some genuinely lavish designs from that period.

Over the last century, the art of making ladies watches has undergone different stages together with consumers’ desires. Many players, instead of designing truly feminine timepieces in bigger sizes, have created the downsized versions of men’s watches for ladies with gemstone-paved bezel, or with quartz movement. Finally, with shifting customers’ needs and the rise of new technologies, brands identify values that ladies watchmaking brings to the table and introduce new models designed exclusively for women. How was it with Trésor?

Omega Tresor

Inspiration for the Omega Trésor

A year has passed since ladies Trésor was presented to the market; the 70-year-old model of the first Trésor has endured some reinterpretations. But this feminine version of Trésor is by no means the ideal example to take the female watchmaking to a new level and drink a toast to it. From the origins of the timepiece in 1949 to its contemporary appropriation in 2014, Omega Trésor for ladies is not the downsize men’s watch, it is not also the pink or diamond-paved version of men’s watch, it is experimenting with the sophistication of De Ville line from 1967, especially revitalisation the early Ladymatic (from 1965), and De Ville Ile de France (from 1986) with their timelessness silhouettes and ambiguous vintage spirit.

Omega Ladymatic ca.1965 via https://www.austinkaye.co.uk/

Is Trésor the watch designed for the Millennials and even the younger generation? The first one to wear this timepiece was one of the freshest models on Instagram – Kaia Gerber. She became the face of the new Trésor and (another thing the kids’ love!) this collaboration resulted in a seductive take on streetwear: Camo straps for Trésor. Kaia is known for her high-fashion, effortlessly dope outfits. Her highly recognizable style gives a very cool makeover to the concept, but does it work for kids of Instagram? I find the Omega Trésor a stunning piece for conscious female watch enthusiasts, or women looking for a versatile, contemporary cocktail watch. I’m aware that the first statement might be quite bold, taking into consideration the movement, but what is impressive about the design is its independence of gents’ Trésor. Let’s discover two new models that are available in boutiques from this month.

Moonshine Gold with a Silvery Opaline Dial

The concept of ladies’ cocktail watches is fluid. Even though many brands still stick to the traditional design of cocktail timepieces, there are always some players who are outshining their competitors and proposing some outstanding solutions. It’s not a secret; this specific sub-collection focuses more on the finish, rather than the complications. An ultra-slim curvaceous case characterizes the aesthetic of the Trésor line.

This model made of new Omega’s alloy 18K Moonshine gold measures 39mm in diameter; width is exactly 9.75mm, and in my opinion, it shines brighter than the Moon in the black sky. Although the diameter of the case is quite big for a cocktail watch, I don’t think it is necessarily a flaw. The size makes the whole design more elegant, feminine, and visible on women’s wrist, without affecting the weight of the watch. The streamlined case features diamond-paved bezel (19 diamonds on each side) and is perfectly integrated with lungs giving this beautifully sleek appearance. The way of arranging diamonds directs attention towards the center of the dial. There’s a powerful contrast between the modern, but soft design and the vintage spirit imposes the red liquid ceramic flower on the crown with a diamond in the center.


The dial and its features are gorgeous. The silky pattern of the lacquered opaline off-white dial is made by a stamping process, and it highlights perfectly the subtle contours of the oversized Roman numerals. The numerals, the slim circled hands, and the Omega logo are made of 18K Moonshine gold. Finally, there is a powerful trait that makes this watch even more detail-orientated, and that is the case back – decorated with a spiral drawing of a flower on a mirrored surface.

Omega Trésor 428.

Stainless Steel with a Mother-of-Pearl Dial

Omega’s take on one-color watches is elegantly in its simplicity and therefore gives the Trésor a sophisticated but subtle touch to the overall layout. Thus if you’re no stranger to the monochromatic trend, opt for the second variation.

Omega Tresor Quartz Steel MOP

While the color palette of the Moonshine gold Trésor is pretty strong, very on-trend, and classic, the design of this Stainless Steel version is simple, clean, and more elegant. As for the first model, the 39 mm case of the steel one is slim and smooth, and the bezel is set with 38 diamonds. Colorless diamonds beautifully emphasize the hypnotic touch of sparkly stylishness and the dial. As I mentioned in my previous article about Omega Constellation Manhattan, currently, I’m in love with mother-of-pearl faces. The lacquered pearl dial features grey oversized Roman numerals, with matching rhodium-plated rounded hands and Omega logo – I must say this composition looks outstanding. It is one of the characteristic watch faces Omega has ever released for ladies.

Omega Tresor Quartz Steel MOP

The mirrored case back with “Her Time” pattern adds a finishing touch to the watch, as well as the crown with red “HyCeram” flower, and a small diamond. The watch comes with a dark grey leather strap, which makes the concept balanced and gives the illusion of monochromatic design.

Omega Tresor Quartz Steel MOP

Omega Ladies’ Watch with Quartz Movement

Quartz movement was always high caliber debate. Mainly due to the quartz crisis and its adverse effects that have left a permanent imprint on the Swiss watchmaking industry and the collectors. Also, watch brands producing quartz watches aim them predominantly towards female consumers, which sounds quite sexist, but those were (or still are) the times. Anyway, now it feels like it is going to change. More and more players develop high accuracy quartz movements or abandon complications in favor of finishing. What about Trésor?

A touching story lies behind Omega’s 455 caliber. In 1953, Omega designed the smallest automatic movement of the world, and the moving part of this fairy tale is that this caliber was created specifically for the original Ladymatic wristlets. So for women all over the world. Bringing us up to the present time, 40mm De Ville Trésor watches are driven by Master Chronometer Calibre 8910 or 8929. Then why is the ladies’ version carrying caliber 4061, and is this a bad thing?

Omega Ladymatic with caliber 455

The Omega caliber 4061 movement isn’t at all surprising choice for this watch. Omega designing Trésor ladies’ watches opted for a slim, feminine case and richly-decorated details. Ultra-slim watches with mechanical movements and gemstones tend to be quite pricey; therefore, putting quartz movement inside the Omega Trésor for ladies was an excellent opportunity to make the watch highly popular among the younger generation of women, or among those for which winding a timepiece appears to be impractical. Indeed, we can discuss whether quartz kills the soul of the watch. However, with the caliber 4061, we can wear (or not wear) this watch for about 48 months without changing a battery. The alternative is winding the watch two days after you stopped wearing it. Quartz remains to be the practical solution still.

Some thoughts

When I saw the Trésor for the first time, it really struck me. Without a doubt, Omega De Ville Trésor is made for powerful women who value contemporary, but delicately feminine watches with great endurance. The diamond-set bezel and the concept of the dial result in a beautiful and functional design and put a dazzling spin on so-called cocktail watches. What is worth emphasizing is that the Omega Trésor is not a typically bold statement intended only for formal occasions. It superbly goes with jeans and a classic white t-shirt.

Omega Tresor Quartz Steel

Trésor comes in two sizes, medium: 36 mm, and large: 39mm. Both sizes lie perfectly on the wrist, are comfortable, and embraces contradictions: the youthful dynamism, and tradition. All the new variations only come on leather straps with pin buckles. But Omega gives you the freedom to create your own custom watch by changing the strap, which is a cool statement-maker. Select from an array of colours and fabrics ranging from quilted leather to even NATO straps (I recommend Nato Strap with satin-brushed effect). With so many possibilities – terms of case material and size, dial execution, and straps – to personalize the Trésor, it will seduce ladies all over the world. To me, it is clear that these watches are full of thoughtful details that will speak towards young(er) buyers.

Both variations will be available in stores now. The price for a stainless steel version is €5.300,- while for a Moonshine Gold is €10.300,-. More information via Omega online.

Watch specifications

De Ville Trésor Quartz 39mm
428. (Moonshine Gold) / 428. (Stainless Steel)
Opaline Silver (Moonshine Gold) / Mother-of-Pearl (Stainless steel)
Case Material
18-carat Moonshine gold / Stainless Steel
Case Dimensions
Diameter: 39mm, Lug-width: 19mm
Case Back
Special mirrored caseback with a “Her Time” pattern
Caliber 4061, Quartz
Water Resistance
30 meters / 3 bar
Leather with pin buckle
Time (two hands)
€5300,- (stainless steel), €10.300,- (18-carat Moonshine gold)
Five-year warranty
Special Note(s)
Available per October 2019