If you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s the principle that offers a foundation to the story of Timenest. It’s a story that begins with a gift that never was. That sounds mysterious and very poetic, but it’s true. Inspiration for creating the product came from a watch enthusiast who wanted to purchase a gift for a friend. That gift was supposed to be a simple yet elegant watch case, a storage solution that would serve to protect a watch at home as well as on the road. Living in Switzerland, they thought it would be easy enough. And who could blame them? The birthplace and throne of horology would be a logical place to look for watch accessories. Unfortunately, their quest was in vain, without a tangible result that matched what they were looking for.

Having identified a potential gap in the market, the founders of Timenest decided to create the product they were after. And thus, the brand was born in Geneva, with the mission of offering the ultimate watch storage solution both at home as well as wherever your travels may take you. A few weeks ago, the brand got in touch and offered me the opportunity to try its products. I thought that the best option to test would be the Table Nest, which combines two (or perhaps even three) of the brand’s products into the ultimate set. I’ll explain what I mean by this, but you will also be able to get an idea from the pictures. But is the Table Nest really a revolutionary product? Let’s take a closer look.

Decisions, decisions…

Now, before I dive into the finer details, let’s get some basics out of the way. I think it’s worth explaining the product, the concept, what’s available, and what you actually get for your money. As it currently stands, Timenest has a number of products available. These include the basic Nest and the Marble Tray, and finally, the Table Nest, which is a combination of both. The Nest is a box that houses one watch. Hand-crafted in France, it is finished in three different colors of wonderfully textured matte calfskin leather (blue, orange, or taupe), which covers a rigid outer structure. This can be purchased individually for CHF 399. The other product offered by Timenest is the Marble Tray. Hand-crafted in Italy from Statuario marble, it features the same French calfskin leather as the Nest.

It can be used as a sort of EDC pocket dump or a watch tray. However, to me, the tray really serves more as a base for the Nests themselves. The dimensions of the tray mean that it can fit one Nest plus the additional tray accessory (this is what the full Table Nest product consists of), or alternatively three Nests in a row. This is something that will also be available on the Timenest site under the “Trilogy” name, but which could also be configured by purchasing the individual Nest and Marble tray elements. The Marble tray is available in both white marble with a blue leather lining or in gray marble (the one pictured in this article) with both blue and orange leather linings. This will set you back CHF 549.

The Timenest Table Nest

What you see in the pictures here is the Table Nest. As I mentioned before, it’s a combination of the Nest, Marble Tray, and a small leather and Alcantara liner that slots in next to the Nest. The Nest is lined with the same soft dark blue Alcantara (a microfiber synthetic material), which also makes up the cushion inside. The cushion’s semi-circular “M”-shaped design is brilliant, as it is much more flexible than traditional watch cushions, and therefore adapts well to bracelets of different sizes. This is kind of like the Lange & Berkeley watch roll, which addresses the issue with different-sized cushions. This also prevents unnecessary strain on the bracelet, which is always good for longevity. A soft cloth bag is included for when you travel with the Nest, as well as a polishing cloth for wiping off your watch before packing it away.

The outer box has a circular cutout with a Plexiglass window through which you can see your watch inside. On the front of the box, the Timenest logo in metal acts as a subtle decoration. The Timenest brand name is also written in silver letters inside the lid of the Nest. Under the cushion, at the base of the box, a depiction of a scene from Geneva (including the famous Jet) along with the quote “wherever life takes you” serves as decoration. The Nest sits perfectly on the Marble Tray, whose name describes exactly what it is — a tray made of marble.

Inside the angular tray is a leather lining, and as part of the Table Nest, you also get a smaller tray insert. This sits next to the Nest itself, providing a soft surface for your other accessories (rings, cufflinks, etc.) The tray has four soft plastic feet that protect the surface it sits on.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Timenest Table Nest is a practical solution to a problem we all have. As a collector, I feel that there’s no such thing as too many watch storage options. I still end up with a watch lying on top of a book on my nightstand. Long-term storage isn’t too much of an issue. Having a way to store your daily wearer overnight in a well-designed box hand-crafted from quality materials is definitely nice, though. I’ll be honest; in the end, the box felt nicer than most of my watches. As such, it was mainly my Speedy that ended up calling it home. Something about putting my Breitling Aerospace or my Seiko inside felt a bit… wrong? In the end, the Table Nest does cost CHF 949, which is quite a bit for a single-watch storage solution. That said, the quality and craftsmanship are certainly top-notch.

Are you looking for a way to store your watches at home, perhaps on top of a dresser or desk, and want something distinctive, well-made, and unique? Definitely check out Timenest and all of its products.

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