Since its rebirth last year, the PRX Collection has been the pinnacle of the Tissot catalog. And quite rightly so. The PRX was a breath of fresh air for Tissot and brought a whole host of new enthusiasts into the Tissot fold as a result. Now, in order to further explore the possibilities of the PRX’s potential, the brand has introduced two new novelties into the family — two versions of the successful PRX Automatic with an 18k gold bezel and five new 35mm versions of the quartz PRX. Let’s take a closer look.

Over the last year, Tissot has proven that the PRX blueprint is hugely versatile. It effortlessly molds into every guise you can possibly throw at it. With these new releases, such is indeed the case again, as we see two somewhat different looks from what we’ve seen so far.

The power of gold

Leading the range of the time-and-date PRX models is the new PRX Automatic Gold. As the name suggests, Tissot has seen fit to enhance the standard PRX Automatic with gold in order to add a touch of flair and luxury. Available in two different dial colors, both featuring satin-finished steel cases and 18K solid rose gold fluted bezels. One model has a brown dial, and the other has a blue dial, both with a satin sunray finish. Both the brown and blue combine with the gold in their own way, giving each version its own unique characters. The brown-and-gold version lends itself to a more dressy vintage aesthetic, and it is the classier of the two options. For me, the combination of blue and gold is quite a classic, sporty look and possibly my favorite as a result. As with the standard PRX Automatics, the new gold-bezel versions use the Powermatic 80 movement.

It’s not about size; it’s about how you use it

For many, the 40mm size of the first quartz PRX watches was just about right. By today’s standards, 40mm seems to be the sweet spot for a lot of collectors. That said, some collectors prefer even smaller watches. Not every wrist is created the same, and so Tissot received countless requests for a smaller PRX. Well, if you’re one of those people, listen up — Tissot has heard you and delivered the goods! The brand is now launching a new collection of five PRX models with 35mm satin-finished steel cases, all powered by reliable quartz movements. The 35mm models come in a nice variety of color options. There are four steel models with either a silver, blue, green, or light blue sunburst dial (very on-trend!), and a further steel model with a yellow-gold-PVD-plated case and bracelet and a yellow-gold-colored dial.

The broad appeal of the Tissot PRX collection

The two new collections neatly capture the essence of the original models from way back in 1978. Both the 35mm size and the gold bezels clearly channel the Zeitgeist of that era. The new models bring something fresh to the PRX but effortlessly slot into the collection as if they were there all along. They will undoubtedly add to the collection’s rapidly expanding worldwide fanbase.

Of the two releases, I seem to have a soft spot for the 35mm collection, particularly the light blue sunburst dial. Ever since you-know-who did you-know-what, we’ve seen a whole host of watches with dials in a similar color. Most pass me by, but for some reason, it seems to complement the PRX perfectly, in my opinion.

Tissot PRX Automatic Gold and PRX 35mm price and availability

The Tissot PRX Automatic Gold is available now. Price: €2,095
The Tissot PRX 35mm will be available next week. Price: €300 (stainless steel), €375 (gold PVD)

You can find out more on the Tissot official website.

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