Yesterday evening Bert and I had a wonderful event organized by Tudor. After we’ve gathered at hotel ‘Les Trois Rois’ in rainy Basel we were guided under umbrellas by the head of design by Tudor. Only 500 meters further a boat with military camouflage was waiting for us. We entered the stealthy boat and after the lights went out a captain transported us to our final destination. A long corridor with blue lights and submarine sound effects led us to the next floor. After amuses and a sparkling glass of champagne the people of Tudor led us to the dining room.


BW Tudor Launch Party 2016-06822

BW Tudor Launch Party 2016-06845

The mysterious corridor with submarine sound effects

Tudor added nice details to the room creating a nautical setting. Blue lights, industrial attributes and a bronze dive helmet in the middle of the room. A real nice ambiance which suited the upcoming release perfectly. Another nice detail: our napkin was hold together by the famous anker:

BW Tudor Launch Party 2016-06850

Then dinner was served, combined with short speeches and introductions (e.g. head of production and head of communication). Out of the blue a loud alarm activated the lifting of the bronze dive helmet in the middle of the room. The Black Bay Bronze was introduced. The first Black Bay with the 3-6-9 Arabic numeral setup:

Tudor Black Bay Bronze-0687

Two different straps. The right variant is inspired by the past: the French marine used to only order the “heads” and made their own straps out of parachute-parts.

Under the helmet the new bronze models were accompanied by an old blue vintage Snowflake submariner:

Tudor Snowflake Vintage-0697

After a short photo-break another speech introduced the real surprise. After all, unfortunately the Bronze model was already unofficially published on the internet. The Black Bay Dark completed the evening. A variant with red accents and a PVD treatment:

Tudor Black Bay Dark-0704

Outside we’ve warmed ourselves at a campfire before we went back in to get our coats. When we’ve left we obtained our last goodie: a camouflage branded Tudor duffle. The duffle fitted our last transfer perfectly: we were transported by an heavy duty military jeep.

BW Tudor Launch Party 2016-06905

More details and reviews about the models later on. We thank Tudor for the wonderful evening.