Tudor is doing an amazing job with their Heritage collection of watches. The demand for the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is overwhelming. Earlier this year, we showed you the new Midnight Blue version of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. During the introduction of that model, Tudor also showed us a number of their vintage models from their own archive, like this Submariner 7924 “Big Crown”.

As you know, we’d like to do our own photography as often as possible here on Fratello Watches. A while ago, I had this Tudor Submariner 7928 in my personal collection and decided to put it on front of my camera lens. This Tudor Submariner 7928 dates back to 1966 and has (on some pictures) the reference 9315 bracelet as well as a nice strap.

In the meanwhile, this watch no longer is part of my watch collection, but I do miss it dearly from time to time. Enjoy the photo essay and shoot us a comment if you have any questions about this watch.

Somewhere in the next weeks, we will also publish our hands-on review of the new Tudor Heritage Black Bay in midnight blue on a blue soft (NATO style) strap. An amazing piece that really captures the essence of these beautiful vintage Tudor timepieces. Where the Tudor Submariner 7928 (and 7924) were clearly little brothers of the Rolex Submariner models from the 1950s and onwards, this new Tudor Heritage Black Bay has its own unique presence and small details. But how does it feel on the wrist, is it indeed a lot of bang for the buck, will there still be a demand for a Rolex Submariner once you have this Tudor Black Bay or is it a totally different watch? We will give some answers to these questions in our upcoming Tudor Black Bay review.

Tudor Submariner 7928 Photo Essay

Below you will find 10 images of the Tudor Submariner 7928 and at the end of this page, you’ll see a clickable gallery for your viewing pleasure. Some of the photos below also show the ‘damage’ done on the movement and several other parts by watchmakers and due to other sorts of abuse over time.

Tudor Submariner 7928Tudor Submariner 7928 Tudor Submariner 7928 Tudor Submariner 7928 sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR sBmRnR Tudor Submariner 7928 sBmRnR sBmRnR

Click the images for larger versions. Click the images in the gallery below for larger images as well.

More information on Tudor can be found here (official Tudor website) and on the Tudor Collector website.