Maastricht is (just like The Hague) one of the nicer cities in The Netherlands 🙂 My girlfriend and I went there this weekend to relax a bit and do some shopping. I took the opportunity to check out some watchshops in Maastricht!

The first shop I paid a visit was Scorpione. The shop is located near the central station of Maastricht and besides watches, they also sell jewellery in gold and silver. The watches they sell are all vintage and displayed in the shop and on their website. The owner of the shop showed me two Movados, a gold chronograph and a steel chronograph. Both with inhouse Movado calibers. The stainless steel model featured an hour totalizer and the gold model didn’t. The owner of the shop does his own restorations and reparations, but seems to outsource the work on dials. He clearly tells you wether a watch has a re-dial or is all original. Check his website for a list of watches he sells. Scorpione is located at the Scharnerweg 169 in Maastricht.

John @ Scorpione. Picture taken from the Scorpione website.

The next shop we (only) passed is Leon Martens. Their window is impressive and filled with Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Blancpain, Breguet, Officine Panerai and more… We didn’t enter the shop, but it seems that he only sells new watches. In his window was a vintage Panerai compass though, probably for display only. Leon Martens is located at Stationsstraat 39-41 in Maastricht.

Leon Martens, picture taken from their website.

The next shop was found after walking around the center a bit, called Steiner. After looking in the window for some while (lots of brands, vintage to new), I decided to enter the shop to check if they had some more, but it was just too crowded. I told one of the salespeople I would come back later. And I did ofcourse 🙂 The salesman saw my watch and told me that they had an interesting box with vintage Rolexes. I looked at three watches, a Rolex Sea-Dweller (double red printing), a 16660 Rolex Sea-Dweller (probably from the late 70s) and a Rolex Submariner with gilt dial and very neat shoulders (ref.5512, 1960s model). I think the owner of the shop helped me out a bit, I told him I was interested in a 1977 Submariner or Sea-Dweller (that’s my year of birth). This isn’t a short term project ofcourse, as it probably will cost me quite some money, but it is always nice to get a bit orientated on the subject :-). The seller showed me his 1961 Daytona with ‘Tiffany’ dial, which I immediately recognized because Gerard from Horloge Platform Nederland had one in his shop not too long ago and showed me it as well. I couldn’t confirm it was the same watch though, however, there probably aren’t too many of these around 🙂 Anyway, the shop owner gave me a card and some kind of little brochure of their own ‘Steiner’ watch and told me to call or e-mail him as soon as I wanted a 1977 Submariner. Steiner is located at Stokstraat 2 in Maastricht.

Steiner, picture taken from their website.

Another shop I entered was Brocantique watches, also located in the center of Maastricht. The window displayed all kinds of vintage (and some ‘newer’ used) watches.. from a tuningfork Bulova SpaceView to a Rolex Submariner. There were some customers in the shop looking at watches and discussing with the shop owner, so I just had a peek in the displays and noticed a few very nice Omega watches. He also had some very nice vintage Longines (if my memory serves me right) with their original box and paper(s). Brocantique watches is located at Heggenstraat 14 in Maastricht.

Brocantique’s shop owner. Picture taken from their website.

Besides these four, Maastricht has few more interesting watch&jewellery stores. I also noticed another shop that carries vintage / used watches, but can’t remember the name. It is located near Onze Lieve Vrouwe plein. For fountainpens (an interest that goes almost hand in hand with watches as it seems) you should visit Mevri, located at Grote Staat 6 in Maastricht. This weekend I bought a StarWalker fountainpen from Montblanc to join the ballpoint from the same series I bought there last year.

Comments or other recommendations on the subject are more than welcome!

  • Bas

    Hi RJ,

    This Steiner person once showed me an Omega Speedmaster Pro, in the exact shop you have on the picture. Must be more than six years ago, because I didn’t own a Speedmaster then and was looking to buy one (new or pre-owned). The price was rather high, and he told me that this was because this one had the “original” movement, making it more desirable for “collectors” (he said this in tone as if a “collector” is some kind of higher life form, and I was obviously not a collector and would never become one). For readers who are not that much into Speedmaster Pro’s: Omega switched from calibre 321 to calibre 861 in 1969. The 321’s are more desirable: because they are more rare, because they have a collumn wheel mechanism, and because Aldrin probably wore a Speedmaster with cal. 321 on the moon.

    As the “collector’s” watch didn’t have an applied logo (they moved from an applied logo to printed logo in the same year), I didn’t trust it. First, I noticed it didn’t have a collumn wheel mechanism (you can feel that by pressing the start/ stop button twice. A 321 feels very smooth, an 861 has a big difference in feel between start and stop). To make sure, I put the watch next to my ear. At the time, I was wearing an Omega with cal 564 which runs at 19.800 bph, so it was easy to tell if the watch was running at 18.000 bph (cal. 321) or 21.600 bph (cal. 861) just by comparing it to my watch (in fact, you can hear this even without comparing. The difference between these two beat numbers is really easy to tell). Well: the watch was clearly running at 21.600 bph. I told him this, and he said: “no, you can’t hear that kind of thing, this is the watch with the original calibre.” There are two possibilties: either he knew that it was a cal. 861, or he didn’t. Both options don’t sound good to me 😉

  • Lucas

    I heard some nasty stories about that shop as well! selling frankenwatches for originals etc…

    Most people will never notice, but it is just not honest.

    Keep your eyes open!

  • Hi Bas and Lucas,

    I invite you for both for free to visite maastricht and come to see our collection. I hope YOU will be ‘Honest’ after we have met. Let me know if you are interested. You know how to reach me.

    Greetings Philipp Stahl

  • RH

    I found the comments on Steiner quite interesting, having had minimal contact with the staff and owner. Located in a lovely old building on Maastrichts Stokstraat, they seem inviting enough. The personel however do leave a lot to be desired. Frankly, I found them pompous and not particularly well informed. The owner for example had never heard of a verge movement and was all too happy to challenge my use of the term. I believe he passed away a year or so later.