The last one of our four-category W&W 2021 discussion with Andrew from Time+Tide, Wei from Revolution, Frank from Monochrome, and yours truly. I hosted this video and the category is “Future Forward”. What are the most innovative watches from Watches & Wonders and bring something truly new to the table?

Future Forward

Again, no budgets or limitations set in this category. Listen to the picks of this small group of watch editors from Revolution Magazine, Time+Tide, Monochrome, and Fratello.  My pick is the Panerai Submersible eLAB-ID PAM01225. It is not so much about the design of this watch, but about the use of recycled materials. 98.6% of this watch consists of recycled materials. It shows that brands are getting ready for the next generation of watch enthusiasts, who care deeply about our planet and value sustainability more than previous generations.


How to win the pen!

Also, don’t forget to share your pick with us in the comments below. Wei is giving away a box with Cuban cigars, Frank a watch roll, Andrew a watch slider, and I will be giving away this pen that Omega had as a gift for the Apollo XI anniversary in 2009. It comes in this aluminum box and has some cool engraving and printing on it. A gem for Speedmaster enthusiasts, like myself (but don’t worry about me, I have one to keep).

As Andrew stated earlier on Time+Tide, we hope you consume this as irresponsibly as possible – thanks for watching or listening, and thanks in advance for playing in the comments, may the best comments win!