A Vintage Hanhart Chronograph For Auction At Bonhams

Auction house Bonhams 1793 is hammering watches (pocket watches and wrist watches) on the 22nd of May. Their catalog has been published today for this auction in Knightsbridge (London) and has some nice pieces.

Between the fair share of usual suspects (Rolex, Omega, IWC etc), this 1940s Hanhart chronograph with hand wound caliber 40 movement caught my attention. Not because of the condition, which seems to be quite poor, but because it resembles with Hanhart’s current ‘Pioneer’ collection so well. Their MkI watch from the Pioneer collection with black dial and Arabic numerals is based on those very first mono pusher chronographs with caliber 40 movements (1938).

A Vintage Hanhart Chronograph For Auction At Bonhams

Hanhart uses a movement (caliber HAN3601) based on ETA’s caliber 7753 that has been transformed into a two-register chronograph with mono-pusher. This one button is used for start, stop and reset of the chrono hands. Although the sub registers at 3 and 9 o’clock are located a bit more to the outer side of the dial on the vintage model, a lot of details (e.g. hands) have been respected by Hanhart.

Estimated value of the vintage Hanhart caliber 40 chronograph is $1,100 – $1,400 USD. A new Hanhart Pioneer Mk1 chronograph (ref. 714.210-011) is approx $3,400.- USD.

This auction item can be seen here (click), at Bonhams website. Other interesting lots are this vintage Speedy with wrong dial (but nevertheless), and this vintage IWC. Anyway, make sure that you educate yourself on any of these watches before you place a bid, read the descriptions thoroughly and ask questions if you are uncertain about certain items.

The official Hanhart website: www.hanhart.com

Thanks to Gary from the UK for notifying me.

A Vintage Hanhart Chronograph For Auction At Bonhams
A Vintage Hanhart Chronograph For Auction At Bonhams
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A Vintage Hanhart Chronograph For Auction At Bonhams
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