On this Speedy Tuesday, we show you 10 Instagram accounts you want to make sure to follow to get your dose of Speedmasters on a daily basis.

We’ve been using the #SpeedyTuesday tag since 2012 ourselves, and there’s our official @SpeedyTuesday account of course. However, so many people out there have interesting Speedmaster content on their accounts, we thought it would be nice to share our favourites with you.

In no particular order, here are the 10 Instagram accounts you want to follow:

10. @SpeedyJapan

A Speedmaster enthusiast from Japan is running this @SpeedyJapan account, where he posts and reposts images of our beloved Speedmasters. He is calling all Speedmaster fans in Japan on his account.

9. @Kovpics

One of our long-time readers and friends is the guy who operates the @Kovpics account on Instagram. Omega Speedmaster collector and active member of the Speedmaster community. Make sure to follow this guy for your doses of vintage Speedmaster goodness.

8. @MasterofOmega

Isnardi Alberto is a collector and author of the book  ‘The Master of Omega’, one of the first good books on the Speedmaster subject I’ve ever come across and a long time before Moonwatch Only was released. His @MasterofOmega Instagram account shows a wealth of Speedies and other Omega watches.

7. @Igloe

A collector from Germany with an outstanding collection and taste in watches. He is not limited to Speedmasters (no pun intended), but also shows a lot of other interesting models from the brand. Make sure to follow @igloe on Instagram.

6. @ilovemyspeedmaster

He does not only have an Instagram account but also make sure to check-out his valuable website ilovemyspeedmaster.com, where he collects Extracts of the Archive to build an accurate database of Speedmaster serial numbers. Checkout @ilovemyspeedmaster

5. @Leonefm

A die-hard collector who sources his Speedmasters from all over the world. A popular account with more than 10,000 followers and some great Speedmaster content. No-brainer, do it now, follow @leonefm.

4. @Plywoodemoji

The Speedmaster Unprofessional he calls himself, but that’s not true. Great guy and artist and you might recognize his name by our earlier coverage on him here. He also loves Space Lego, as I do, but crazier. Follow.

3. @Watchstick_81

Great guy from The Netherlands (duh) and madly in love with his Speedy Tuesday watches. He has some proper content to show and is a huge contributor to the Speedy Tuesday community on Instagram (and in the #SpeedyTuesday Facebook group). Also makes mistakes as he shows IWC watches on his account, but he’s forgiven. Follow @Watchstick_81

10 instagram accounts - @watchstick_81

2. @SpeedySpace

What’s in a name? Awesome selection of Speedmasters is being shown on this Instagram account. From the 1969 gold edition to the modern Meteorite dial and Silver Snoopy Award versions. Posts and reposts, an account to follow for sure.

10 instagram accounts - @speedyspace

1. @_mrdata_

Last but certainly not least is the account of Dirk from Germany a.k.a @_mrdata_ with a fine selection of Speedmaster images. Not limited by Speedmasters, but most of his images are about our favourite chronograph. Awesome photography and compositions.

10 instagram accounts - @_mrdata_

We hope you’ll enjoy these accounts on your Instagram! Already familiar with them? Leave your favourite Instagram accounts for Speedy fans in the comments below, much appreciated!