If you’ve been a fervent Fratello reader for the past year or so, you might have heard of Traska watches. I covered the Venturer GMT a couple of times and the Seafarer, the brand’s super-compressor-style diver. Both models, objectively speaking, offer great value, with good movements, great finishing, hardened steel, and attainable price tags well below $1,000. So you might be interested to know that Traska is making four of its five models available for purchase Sunday, August 13th, at 11:00 EDT (that’s 17:00 Central European Summer Time) with immediate shipping. To that end, we’ll take a quick look at all four models and highlight a few key specs they all have in common.  

Traska watches Summiteer

Common characteristics of all four models

First and foremost, all four models, regardless of which color, size, or movement option you choose, will set you back not more than US$635 (about 580.) I say “size” because the Summiteer, Traska’s take on the exploration watch, comes in two sizes — 36mm and 38mm. I also say “movement option” because most models are offered with or without a date, resulting in a different movement. And lastly, I say “color” because each model is offered in four distinct dial tones. All in all, it means there are 28 permutations available, so you may easily find what you’re looking for. To make your life simpler, you should know that all models share some common characteristics, which we’re going to discuss now. 

All of these Traska watches are equipped with premium Miyota movements, either a 9039 (no date) or 9019 (date). Both beat at a 28,800vph (4Hz) frequency and have a 42-hour power reserve (note: the 9019 is a recent upgrade of the 9015 caliber). All models also offer a sapphire crystal, the shape of which largely resembles that of a boxed, double-domed crystal. The hands are diamond cut, making them free from imperfections, the lume is Super-LumiNova BGW9 and generously applied, and the case and bracelet are made of hardened steel, achieving a hardness rating of 1,200HV on the Vickers’ hardness scale. All models also come with screw-down crowns and case backs, with depth ratings varying between 100 and 200 meters. 

Furthermore, all models come with a three-row bracelet made of solid links and end links, screws to make sizing them easy, and double-pusher deployant clasps with perlage finish and several holes for micro-adjustments. If you don’t like bracelets, well, you can easily swap them for any 20mm strap thanks to the drilled lug holes. 

Traska watches Seafarer

The two Traska divers: the Freediver and Seafarer

For those of you who have a passion for putting on goggles and submerging yourself in salty water, Traska offers you two options for your next dive (or your desk diving, whichever you are the most inclined to do). First is the Freediver, which is the brand’s debut model, now in its fourth iteration. It measures 40.5mm in diameter, 48mm long, 10.5mm thick, and has a 20mm lug spacing. It boasts a 200m water resistance rating and a 120-click unidirectional bezel complete with a fully graduated ceramic insert. The Freediver comes in four colors — Carbon Black, Arctic White, Sun-Bleached Orange, and Mint Green. And each colorway can be had with or without a date. In the latter case, the framed porthole date aperture is located at 6 o’clock. The Freediver retails for US$635.

The second option for a diver is the Seafarer, a dateless and compact super-compressor-style dive watch. It measures 38.5mm in diameter, 46mm long, 9.5mm thick, and also comes with a 20mm lug spacing. It features a 150m water resistance rating and, having no date, houses the Miyota 9039 caliber. Unlike the Freediver, the Seafarer has a bidirectional inner rotating bezel, operated via the crown at 2 o’clock. While its sibling has a bolder look, the Seafarer flies a bit more under the radar. Although this statement won’t apply if you choose one of the more poppy color options. Indeed, you can choose between Charcoal Black, Stone Gray, Sun-Bleached Orange and Mint Green. The Seafarer also retails for US$635.

Traska watches Summiteer

Traska’s exploration watch: the Summiteer

Perhaps the brand’s most popular model has always been the Summiteer. This clean, time-only exploration-style watch comes in either a 36mm or 38mm size. The former actually measures 36.5mm in diameter, 44mm long, and 8.75mm thick. The latter measures 38.5mm in diameter, 46mm long, and also 8.75mm thick. Needless to say, both come with a 20mm lug spacing. Furthermore, both versions are powered by the no-date Miyota 9039 caliber and boast 100m water resistance ratings, making them great options for everyday adventures. Available colors are Charcoal Black, Sage Green, Midnight Blue, and Sandstone Yellow. The 36mm retails for US$600 and the 38mm for US$615. 

Traska watches Commuter

The everyday watch: the Commuter

From what I know, Traska was one of the first independent brands to release a small everyday timepiece. This came in the form of the Commuter, a model as solid as the Freediver but with everyday charm. It is small indeed as it measures 36.5mm in diameter, 44mm long, and 8.75mm thick. This is the one that looks the most classic and sober of all four Traska models. Along with the Freediver, it’s the only one that has applied hour markers and two movement options (date or no date). Despite its humble size, the Commuter has a 100m water resistance rating and all the solid stuff mentioned earlier. As always, it is available in four color options — Slate Gray, Sterling Silver, Aegean Blue, and Mint Green. Both the date and no-date versions retail for US$595. 

Final thoughts

Well, this article turned out to be longer than I initially thought. And that’s the case without even delving into the design of each model, for which I’ll let the photos do the talking. What follows will obviously be subjective, but I’ll say it nevertheless: Traska watches are solid and offer excellent value. Knowing you can choose between 28 unique permutations, you will most likely find a model that will suit your horological inclinations. Putting the specs against the price tags, we can perhaps agree that any of these four models will give you a lot for your hard-earned cash. So if you are now more curious about Traska watches — namely, the Summiteer, Freediver, Seafarer, and Commuter — I recommend visiting the brand’s website before they sell out.