Last week, Andrew McCutchen (from Time + Tide) and I met in France and took the opportunity to discuss the new Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon, with its Moonshine chronograph seconds hand. The watch resulted in a lot of (heated) discussion in the comments and on social media, and we address a few things we’ve seen and read. We also talk about what we think about the watch and the way Swatch has marketed and distributed it.

Mission to the Moon

In this video, Andrew from Time + Tide and I talk about the story behind the new MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon, the first points of sale (Milan, London, Zürich, and Tokyo), and that other cities will follow in the near future. We also talk about the reason for Swatch selecting these cities. To be frank, Swatch was not very specific about the reasons other than that these cities or locations relate to gold in one way or the other.

After this video went live, my colleague Ben Hodges informed me that the Royal Exchange in London was significant because it is setting the gold standard (i.e. “The London Good Delivery Gold Bar”). The Royal Exchange is the former site of the London stock exchange, where they used to do open outcry. Additionally, it’s located next to the Bank of England, where the British government stores its gold reserves.

Enjoy the video above, or click here to see it directly on our YouTube channel. Our introduction article on this MoonSwatch can be found here.

A big thank you to Andrew and Marcus from Time + Tide for recording the video.