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Black Friday – Free Phone Wallpaper by Watches and Pencils

Teun van Heerebeek
November 23, 2018
Black Friday – Free Phone Wallpaper by Watches and Pencils

Normally Black Friday is about big discounts, but we like to do it differently. And therefore I decided to create a screensaver from my latest illustration (‘Crown Guards’) and make it free to download for just this Black Friday. It’s our way to show you our appreciation for supporting us and being engaged to all our activities.

Download offline (24/11/2018)

It is strictly forbidden to duplicate, print or spread this wallpaper without permission of me (Teun van Heerebeek). Please respect the artist. More information about the piece can be found in the latest episode of watchesandpencils or via my personal website:

The download will ONLY be available this Black Friday (23rd of November 2018).

Enjoy Black Friday!

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Teun van Heerebeek
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Teun van Heerebeek

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