Introduced at the CES 2018 of Las Vegas early this year, The X-ONE H1 is the Swiss answer to Smartwatches. It is combining a Swiss mechanical movement with an electronic module to enhance the mechanical functions of the watch.

Conex Watches SA - X-ONE H1 2

Conex Watches SA launched on February 27th on Kickstarter an iconic watch in which the digital empowers the mechanical movement. At a starting price of $750 on Kickstarter for the super early birds, X-ONE expects to bring a paradigm shift in Swiss watch making. The X-ONE H1 available at a retail price of $1490 in different versions and materials addresses amateur of mechanical watches and people looking for a unique experience with a smart mechanical watch.

Conex Watches SA - X-ONE H1 3

A unique experience made possible for the user only, who knows exclusively the information exhibited by his watch. The connectivity on the X-ONE H1 has been redesigned to keep only the essential and focus on what matters in one’s life. Conex Watches SA offers an astonishing, easy to use and affordable watch. There is no comparison on the market with the X-ONE H1. Manufactured and developed in Le Locle, Switzerland, X-ONE showcased the avant-garde of the Swiss savoir-faire in watch making.

Conex Watches SA - X-ONE H1 4

The innovation has been designed with timeless values and features of watch making. The X-ONE H1 has an automatic movement for hours, minutes and seconds, a perpetual calendar and a GMT. They are complemented with a library of customizable features and notifications. A technologic innovation patented called “plug-in” allowing to have a long durability and to replace the electronic module when new technologies are available. The watch is supported with its mobile application compatible with Android and IOS.

Conex Watches SA will manufacture the world’s first mechanical smartwatch, and develop the user’s interface of the mobile applications up to the financing of the crowdfunding campaign.