For some reason, it’s already the end of September, and Europe is finally cooling down. It’s been a great summer, in fact, warmer than ever. But there’s nothing like the beige, browns, and rich orange #fallcolors on the neighborhood trees to mark the shift to a season of big cups of latte and crisp mornings.

I don’t know about you, but I love the warm touch of beige on a matte black dial (dare I call it fauxtina?). From these discreet pops of warm color to the deep orange of a tropical dial, we’ve got you covered. Today’s lineup includes watches from Omega, Orient, and Zenith, along with some great gear to match your autumn mood. We’re even including a set of killer resto-mod wheels from Los Angeles!


#Fallcolors: Zenith Chronomaster Revival El Primero A385

Creamy lume and a fumé dial that looks suspiciously tropical? I’m yours, Zenith, especially when the red square lollipop seconds hand pops like that. With a rich cappuccino-colored dial invoking a cozy October night, the extra depth that the gradient color creates is nothing short of spectacular. With the A385, you can go softly comfortable on a light brown natural leather strap or my favorite pitch-perfect ’60s ladder bracelet. How can you argue with the most important automatic chronograph movement around? And how about that case? A stark contrast to the soft beige-to-brown coffee-froth dial, this clean-cut 37mm hunk of steel signifies a bold decision to retain the size of the vintage original. Way to go, Zenith. At €8,300, this might just be my favorite Chronomaster El Primero.


Pull & Bear overshirt

Let’s see if you can follow through on the style side, enhancing the rich ’70s vibe of the Zenith Chronomaster with this overshirt from Pull & Bear. At only €36, this faux suede overshirt is as sustainable as it is just right for your retro mood. In fact, it works with every watch in this story and might well become a firm favorite. Stay cozy with plenty of street cred in this chocolate-rich overshirt, which, with something warm underneath, will translate into a jacket.

#Fallcolors: Embrace The Autumn

The new Omega Speedmaster ’57

Yes, I know. This is a black-dialed watch, but the lume is beige fauxtina perfection. Even if a few of our other editors might rib me in our Whatsapp chat group, I’ll admit it: I love the make-believe vintage look of creamy lume. And when it comes on what turns out to be one of my favorite Speedies (except for some delicious gold models that I’ll never afford), it’s a win for me. The perfectly judged beige lume warms up the matte black dial, now in a watch with a sweet 40.5mm diameter. The new Speedmaster ’57 is an accomplished design, and I hate to say it, but I might favor this slim twin-register Speedmaster over the Moonwatch. With its brushed steel bezel and sandwich dial, the muted colors make it the understated-tool Speedy I’ve been waiting for. Get it on a vintage-sweet leather strap for €9,200.

Amberley suede Chelsea boots from Church’s

Quintessentially British and suave, these classic Chelsea boots at £980 from Church’s are a discreet match to the beige patina lume details on the Speedmaster ’57 and have the looks of a favorite fall pair. Whether you match these up with a pair of chocolate-brown chinos or those favorite jeans of yours, suede has that perfect blend of style and comfort. As an unlined boot, these should be ordered a 1/2 size smaller than what you’re used to, and they strike that perfect balance between fall and winter. Match these up with a bespoke suede strap for the ’57, perhaps?


Orient Neo Classic

Orient is the Seiko-owned brand responsible for forum faves like the Bambino and cheap in-house divers like the Mako. The bracelets might feel more retro than the jangly Seiko SKX, but how can you not smile? Look at the pure ’70s maximalist cool of this dial. A big cushion case puts the Orient Neo Classic firmly in the decade of weird wrist style, and it’s refreshing. It might seem a bit large at 43.5mm, but like the Doxa SUB 300, it will feel a lot more comfortable and smaller than it sounds. The 46mm lug stretch is short, and the innermost dial is rather small, making it shrink visually. The rich #fallcolors of your favorite tree are represented by the intense warm orange hues of the first 15 minutes and brighter still on the lumed, stocky ’70s indices. A fluted bezel completes a cool look for a bargain €420.

Baxter & Baxter Burnt Orange bracelet

To go with those popping oranges on the retro-tastic Orient Neo Classic, why not get a bracelet for your other wrist? Yes, we are allowed to wear them in 2022. The days of watches being a man’s only “allowed” piece of jewelry are gone, though it’s still a great excuse to buy more watches. This semi-precious stone bracelet with sterling silver detail is the great finishing touch at £32 from Baxter & Baxter.

#Fallcolors: Embrace The Autumn

Image: Chrono24

A tropical-dial vintage watch

As I shamefully admitted in my Collector’s Week story, I recently sold off most of my vintage watches. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting more. Why not strive for the best example of a #fallcolors dial out there and go for the fabled tropical fade? Yes, the entire reasoning behind a tropical dial is slightly twisted. But the orange-brown-copper fade is the perfect match to those fallen maple leaves. After all, these are dials damaged by the sun, heat, and time. But if the movement is serviced and well-maintained, the dial is merely a beautiful window into the past. Check this search on Chrono24, and you might, like me, get very tempted.

ICON4x4 Derelict

Matching up a tropical-dial watch with a restored Buick might be a stretch, but look at it! ICON4x4 in Los Angeles makes some of the most awesome resto-mods out there, modifying Ford Broncos and other wheeled examples of cool. But what the company does best are pristine examples of mechanically new classics with a big difference. High-tech engine management, adjustable suspension, and modified drivetrains reside under what looks like a semi-rusted body. Seemingly dilapidated paint and rusty #fallcolor sections have been neutralized as if frozen in time. Meanwhile, all internal structures are restored or brand new, with modern corruptions like air-con, audio, and power everything. In fact, you can even have an electric drivetrain. How about this 1950 Buick Roadmaster, complete with a 505bhp LS7 engine, Moore & Giles weathered-leather interior, and iPhone docking?

Fratelli, my dear Fratelli, are you dressed for the chill in #fallcolors, or are you desperately pretending it’s still warm? Let us know what you think of our brace of warm-colored goodies in the comments.

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