When we embarked on the quest to find the best watches under €2,000, we didn’t quite realize just how difficult it would be to find our favorites. The sub-€2K price point is over-saturated with the presence of microbrands but is also a space in which certain brands shine. As tempting as it might be to pick something like the Seiko SPB143J1 and be done with it, there’s a desire to get as close to the price limit as possible. Frustratingly though, many watches that used to occupy the space have now crawled over the €2K mark. There are also some watches that are a bit too obvious. And though my first choice, the Tissot PRX Chronograph, was definitely that, a little bit of time and hunting revealed the watch I’d put my money on if I had two grand to spend and wanted to get the most from it.

To many of you, Sinn might seem like an obvious choice. It’s a brand that doesn’t survive on hype and one that remains focused on its mission — to produce high-quality, rugged tool watches. No frills, no thrills, just reliable tools to get the job done. Call it Germanic spirit or a sheer refusal to play the game and fall into the hype trap. Either way, my choice for this list, despite plenty of competition, is the Sinn 105 St Sa UTC W. This is a watch that I believe to be one of the best currently available at the sub-€2,000 price point. But before I start, I want to give Jorg and Thomas’s picks a nod, as this is not a competition, and both of the watches that they picked (be it the Aquastar or the King Seiko) are also solid choices.

Sinn 105 St Sa

The Sinn 105 St Sa UTC W

Where to begin? The only thing going against the Sinn 105 St Sa UTC W is the awkward mouthful of a name. However, if we refer to it as the 105 UTC, it will make our lives a lot easier. Personally, I’d go with the white-dialed version. It would breathe a breath of fresh air into a collection saturated with black-dialed watches. Though I do admire Sinn’s usual business-first take on watches, the white-dialed 105 UTC is one of the few that come close to being a little more lighthearted. No sacrifices are made when it comes to readability and functionality. In fact, the color scheme might remind you of something else from a far more expensive and exclusive brand. But as that particular watch is practically unobtainable and way over budget, the Sinn remains a perfect option for the price.

Personally, I’d opt for the €1,790 option of the watch on the matching steel bracelet. Would I use said bracelet? Probably not, or at least not often. Sinn bracelets are solid, as are its rubber straps, but to me, this is one to put on a NATO and never look back. And with the small chunk of change you’ll have left, you can always opt for some extras should you wish to do so. In terms of versatility, functionality, and longevity, the Sinn 105 UTC seems like a safe bet. And though this watch is not a “true” GMT — it’s the orange GMT hand that is independently adjustable, not the local hour hand — that makes it no less useful than a proper “flyer” GMT, only a little less practical.

Sinn 105 St Sa

Feature-packed, indestructible, and charming as hell

Now, in terms of features, for just over €1,800 including European VAT, you do get quite a lot. Not just a watch that can display two time zones, but one that can be worn truly anywhere. Sinn prides itself in making sure its watches are virtually bomb-proof. The 105 UTC is not just water-resistant to 200 meters, but it’s also low-pressure resistant. The SW330-2 movement inside beats at 28,800vph and is anti-magnetic in accordance with DIN 8309. As you’d expect, the case is equipped with anti-reflective-coated sapphire crystals on both the front and back. The bezel is given the brand’s signature TEGIMENT treatment for hardness and scratch resistance. It’s a true all-terrain watch.

Not only is it extremely well built, but it is also extremely good-looking. The refreshing white dial features a date window at six, which remains visible through the partially skeletonized GMT hand. Both the “UTC” text on the dial and the GMT hand are in the same bright orange color. Pill-shaped lume plots match the tip of the seconds hand and the overall shape of the hour and minute hand. Unlike the U50 and U10 models, which remain harsh and angular, the lines on the 105 UTC are a bit more on the curvy side. As far as the Sinn catalog is concerned, the 105 UTC (as well as the standard 105) remains a bit of an oddball. The model is unmistakably Sinn, without a doubt, but with an unconventional twist that makes it charming as can be.

Sinn 105 St Sa

Final thoughts

If you, like me, are more focused on the tool-watch side of the spectrum, I can’t think of any other watches on which to better spend €2,000. The price point is as competitive as the number of watches it encompasses is overwhelming. To me, this price point remains somewhat of a comfort zone. And though a Rolex 16570 remains the apple of my eye (something which might explain my choice) I do believe the Sinn 105 St Sa UTC W is a brilliant choice. I’m glad I remembered it, though, as it seems to be a watch that doesn’t get enough credit. This is one that I’d be more than happy to add to my collection today.

What do you think? Does this Sinn tick all your boxes too? Or is it one you’d rather steer clear of? Let me know in the comments below.