Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries on the third Sunday in June. That means that this coming Sunday (June 18th) is the day to honor all the dads out there. Indeed, the day starts with an excellent breakfast and some self-made gifts or drawings, but a well-considered gift can also be part of the celebration.

If you’re out of inspiration for a Father’s Day gift, let us help you. It can be a bit of a struggle to find the right gift for Dad, but we will give you an overview of various things we, as fathers, would like to receive ourselves. We’ve come up with some ideas for watch- and non-watch-related Father’s Day gifts in different price categories.

Dad always taught you to use the proper tools

Finding the proper watch tools can be a nightmare. The quality is often sub-par, and as your dad might have taught you, you should always use proper equipment. When it comes to watchmaking tools, there’s just one brand to turn to — Bergeon. That’s why Fratello has teamed up with this industry leader to curate useful, high-quality tools for watch enthusiasts. With the summer coming, your dad may want to change his leather strap for a rubber strap or switch back to a bracelet. He can do it himself with this Fratello × Bergeon Mini Tool, the one tool to rule them all!

Being a watch nut also means that you want to change your bracelet or strap every once in a while. This very compact tool comes with four tips — one for spring bars, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, and a small push-pin tool. It’s made to last, looks cool, and is available for just €49. Click here to order.

Father's Day fountain pen

A good fountain pen makes Dad look sophisticated

Do you remember your dad working at his desk, always using the same fountain pen? Times have changed, and it might now be a laptop on his desk, but we’re sure he will appreciate a good pen too! And because we don’t tend to write using a pen and paper that often anymore, it’s important to make it a pleasant and special experience. Buying pens can easily result in going deep down a rabbit hole, so let us help you. You can indeed find cheap and fun fountain pens, such as the Lamy Safari for €23.50. They are great writers, and you can end it all here. Just pick a color, and you’re good to go.

If you want something special, go for a fountain pen with a gold nib. It writes more softly and smoothly, and it’s a pen for life (if you want it to be). Over time, a gold nib will adjust itself to the writing habits of its owner as the gold nib reacts to the hand’s writing pressure. In the best scenario, you’d take Dad to a pen shop for Father’s Day and have him try a few pens. You could also trust us and go with this Italian-made Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Masterpiece Green with a 14K gold nib (thank us later). If you are in doubt about the nib size, always pick a medium. The price is €595 (including VAT).

Father's Day Tropic-Style Straps

The summer is magic for Dad with a Tropic-style strap

Spice up your dad’s watch with a colorful Tropic-style strap. These rubber straps are based on the Tropic straps that came with diver’s watches in the 1960s and 1970s, the golden days for many watch enthusiasts. It will give your dad’s dive watch (modern or vintage) a bit of oompf and also ensure a good look in the swimming pool this summer. We offer them with and without quick-release pins. The Fratello Tropic Style straps are made of very flexible rubber and have that iconic crosshatch texture on the outer surface.

On the inside of the strap, you will find a perforated design, meaning only a minimum amount of material is touching the skin. This ensures maximum breathability, which is a very welcome feature during hot summer days. These straps will fit any of Dad’s watches with a 20mm lug spacing. Each strap costs €65, and you can order them here.

Fratello's Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Vilebrequin swim shorts

The coolest-looking dad in the pool

There was a time when I always forgot to bring my swim shorts on vacation. The dive watch was not an issue, but I needed to go out and buy a new pair of swim shorts every time I went on a trip. It was annoying, and I ended up with many cheap pairs. That changed when I got these Vilebrequin swim shorts. Yes, the price (€230 for the pair pictured here) will make you weep at first, but they are incredibly well made and durable, and they’ll make your dad look like the coolest guy in the pool. A remarkable fact is that Vilebrequin makes Father & Son swim shorts as well.

Now I have two pairs of Vilebrequin swim shorts (even though I only swim during summer holidays) that always go into my suitcase. Cool-looking swim shorts are not easy to forget when packing. Tip: the ones with the turtle print are iconic. Pair these Vilebrequin swim shorts with cool shades like the Persol 649 or Persol 714, and you’re dad is good to go. Click here to buy.

Fratello's Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Kimbo coffee

Don’t let Dad drink mediocre coffee

A proper coffee machine was one of the first things I bought myself when I got my first house (apartment). Over the years, I had a few coffee machines (several Jura models and a Vibiemme), and at some point, everyone finds the one that works best for them. As always, the ingredients are the most crucial part. No matter what machine you have, start with buying the proper beans. Finding out what coffee beans you like best is a personal discovery. Here in the office, we have coffee beans from Kimbo, a brand founded in 1963 by the Rubino brothers in Naples, Italy.

Even though we always advise you to get yourself a decent espresso machine and grinder (or a fully automatic machine offering both in one), Kimbo coffee is also available in ground form and as capsules for your Nespresso machine. We prefer Kimbo Prestige, and a kilogram of whole coffee beans will set you back approximately €15 (click here to learn more). Another coffee brand that will impress Dad on Father’s Day is Barbera.

Fratello's Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Navitimer Story book

Giving Dad some reading time won’t hurt

This book is still a good Father’s Day gift even if your dad does not own a Breitling Navitimer watch. The Navitimer is one of the world’s classic chronograph watches, alongside the Rolex Daytona, Omega Speedmaster, (TAG) Heuer Carrera, etc. Authors Anthony Marquié and Grégoire Rossier take you on a journey through the history of the Breitling Navitimer and let you discover many different models between 1954 and today.

Written with the help of Breitling and world-renowned Breitling collector Fred Mandelbaum, this concise Navitimer story deserves to be read by watch enthusiasts. The book Navitimer Story consists of over 250 pages of text and photos and costs €55. Click here to order a copy today. We also offer other titles in our small and hand-picked selection of watch books here.

Jorg Weppelink

Here’s Jorg receiving his Breitling Watchmaking Workshop certificate

Give Dad a watchmaking course

Sometimes you wonder what would do differently if you could start over again. I know it’s a silly concept because you don’t get the chance to do it all over again, but it is still something that many people ponder. One of the things I wonder about is what life would look like now if I had studied watchmaking when I was young. With the high demand for mechanical watches today, it could have even resulted in an excellently paid job. But there are solutions for nearly anything in life, so there’s also one here — a part-time watchmaking course for Dad.

All around the globe, there are initiatives by watchmaking schools, horological societies, and watch brands that allow you to explore your watchmaking skills. Some of these initiatives, such as the one from the British Horological Institute, even allow your dad to take classes from home. Some local Swiss initiatives, like this one, will give your dad a watchmaking masterclass in half a day or a full day (with a self-made watch to take home at the end of the day). In the USA, the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors also offers watchmaking courses (click here). Prices vary from a few hundred euros to a few thousand euros depending on the courses and duration.

Fratello's Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Acqua di Parma

A good-smelling dad is also appreciated by mom(s)

The classic Father’s Day gift is a nice cologne. Although it’s often very personal, some classics won’t disappoint. One of my favorites is from Acqua di Parma, the Colonia Essenza. I am unsure if Jeremy Fragrance would approve, but it’s a sophisticated and woody scent without being too heavy. It is available in most cities or places, but you can order yours online directly from Acqua di Parma.

It’s available in 50ml, 100ml, and 180ml bottles. When you order from Acqua di Parma’s website, you can customize the lid or bottle with a name or initials. Order a bottle for Dad here.

Fratello's Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Optimus Prime

For the dad in his 40s

As a kid in the 1980s, I got up every Saturday morning to watch my favorite series on TV. The best series of that time was The Transformers, and not only that, but it was also the series with the best toys. Transformers were robots that could be “transformed” into cars, airplanes (Starscream, anyone?), radios, guns, and trucks. And one truck in particular — Optimus Prime! He was the leader of the Autobots, and this was the toy you wanted as a kid. LEGO made a smart move once again and decided to develop a set that brings back all these feelings of 1980s nostalgia for many guys in their 40s.

Let your Dad nerd out in the attic or his study, building the best robot from the Cybertron planet. LEGO’s Optimus Prime (set 10302) will set you back €179, but it will result in a priceless Father’s Day for sure. Click here to order a set.

Lex wearing a Moonwatch while drinking Kimbo coffee

Make your dad feel like an astronaut

I am very lucky that on my first Father’s Day in 2013, I was given an Omega Speedmaster ’57 (3594.50). When I wear that watch, I think of that special Sunday morning with my wife and baby daughter, receiving something that will stay with me until I pass it down to my daughter someday. It’s a feeling that I would also like your dad to have if the situation and budget allow it. Gifting a watch is still something very special and dear to me. I gifted my Dad a watch and one or two to my wife. As you know, a watch is so incredibly personal that buying one for someone else is not easy. However, you can hardly go wrong with an Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch on Father’s Day.

Fun fact: I attended a local watch get-together with approximately 50 enthusiasts and collectors last Saturday. Attendees told me more than once that they consider the current Moonwatch with the new dial, case, movement, and bracelet (with adjustable clasp) the best Moonwatch to date. The price is €7,500 for the OG version with the Hesalite crystal, solid case back with “The First Watch Worn On The Moon” engraving, and all-brushed bracelet. Full-gold versions start at €45,000. Click here to order one online or to find a boutique near you.

Whether gifts are involved or not, we hope you enjoy Father’s Day this coming Sunday. If you found any of our suggestions helpful, let us know in the comments below.