Good news! We are, once more, looking to expand our team. Despite the difficult circumstances of 2020, Fratello continues to grow. While the shifting landscape of the watch industry presents new challenges, so too does it throw-up new opportunities for development. Our team is busier than ever, and the work we’re doing behind the scenes has never been more exciting. If you’d like to be part of it, read on…

What is Fratello?

Fratello was founded way back in 2004 by Robert-Jan Broer. From the very beginning, it has been a trusted resource for watch lovers, collectors, and industry professionals. As the oldest major watch blog still running, Fratello has enjoyed its role as a key player in watch media’s evolution. Ours is a rapidly growing and tight-knit community, and we’re looking to add some new blood to it!

What kind of person works for Fratello?

Not everyone that works or has worked for Fratello comes from a watchmaking background. It surely helps to have some knowledge of the industry, but more important than that is to find it interesting. Passion drives us forward. You can learn about watch history, watchmaking, and the idiosyncrasies of the watch industry on the job, but we can’t teach talent! If you have it by the bucketload, please share it with us.

What are we looking for?

Right now, we have two available positions. The roles of Full-Time Staff Writer and Copy Editor are both available. So which one should you apply for? Read the descriptions below and follow the links to the full job descriptions to find out which position would suit you best.

Speedy Tuesday Bulang & Sons

Full-Time Staff Writer

This position would suit an absolute watch nut. Why? Because you’ll be expected to turn out ca. 5,000 of copy every week. You will be deployed across all subjects: watch releases, hands-on reviews, on-site deep dives into manufacturing processes, and the like — you name it! If you’ve always dreamed of working in the watch industry but haven’t yet had the chance, why not take this one? Even during lockdown times, the industry is dynamic and exciting and keeps us all on our toes.

If you are an exceptional writer with only a passing interest in watches, don’t be discouraged! If the will to learn is there, we can help you. With an existing ability to write, perhaps the hardest part of the job will be second nature to you. You must be an engaging author, however. We want the site to fizz with vitality! No dusty old tomes here — Fratello is fast-paced and fun. We want that to come across in every word we publish.

What RJ bought in 2020


If content creation isn’t so much your thing, but you have an eye for detail, please check out our other listing for the role of “Copy Editor”. Over the past year, we have drastically increased our content output and brought in a new (extensive) style guide. Applying that style guide (which we’d love your help to further develop) is an arduous task, with many Fratello team members writing in their second language.

As you’ll know from your previous experience in the copy-editing field, languages have more differences than words alone. Punctuation differs, as does format. Word usage or culture-specific idioms also need to be monitored to ensure Fratello is as accessible for all as possible. As such, worldly wisdom is welcome. If you’ve traveled or lived abroad, then tell us! These things matter. Because here at Fratello we’re more interested in the person behind the position. Tell us who you are and what makes you a great fit for the role.

If you’re interested in either position, check out the full job descriptions here and here, and contact Rob @ [email protected]. Good luck!