Welcome to another episode of Fratello On Air! Finally, Balazs and Mike got their collective acts together, and they’re back with a return engagement! Settle in and enjoy the banter about our favorite watches from 2021, along with a healthy rant for good measure!

Folks, we’re back and better (or worse) than ever! Balazs and Mike come together at the end of 2021 to talk about some of their favorite watch releases from another wild year. We won’t give away everything, but the list is heavy on dive watches and chronographs. Seriously, what else do you expect from these two?

Fratello On Air 2021

Tudor, Breitling, Synchron, Excelsior Park, and Omega make the list along with a few more. Plus, the dynamic duo shares some recent encounters in the outside world at ADs. Finally, there’s a healthy dose of crankiness when Mike kicks off a rant about the current behavior in the marketplace. Tune in and enjoy!