Well, hello folks! After a one-week respite, we’re back with another episode of Fratello On Air! This time, we talk about Seiko and discuss a couple of our favorite pieces. We must warn you, this is only the beginning…

Seiko is an absolute favorite here at Fratello, which makes picking favorites a daunting endeavor! Still, we’ve managed to start down the path in what will likely be the first of many episodes covering this storied brand. Of course, there’s plenty of banter before getting into the main subject.

Excelsior Park Trio

Handgelenks Kontrolle

Before moving to the Handgelenks Kontrolle and Seiko, the dynamic duo hit upon a few topics. Firstly, Mike is on the way to the Big Easy for the first time, and Balazs is prepping for a seriously hectic schedule. Mike mentions his ho-hum experience at the “new” Berlin airport and a humorous tour of Szczecin, Poland. Both are excited to watch the newly released All Quiet On The Western Front film on Netflix and in theaters. As far as watches, Mike has on the new Monta Skyquest and is truly impressed by the fit and finish (review soon!). Balazs is wearing yet another lovely Excelsior Park, this time with the three-register EP40 movement.

Seiko 6215


When it comes to Seiko, there are just so many models to consider. Somehow, we’ve each picked two to discuss, and hopefully, you’ll appreciate just how much we enjoy these watches. We walk through the following pieces:

  • Seiko 6139-7070 “Baby Jumbo,” an early automatic chronograph that Balazs has in his collection and truly loves wearing
  • 6215-7000, which is Mike’s all-time favorite Seiko diver that deserves more credit as a highly important watch
  • The Seiko 6117-8000 Navigator Timer, a late ’60s “GMT” with a mesmerizing gray dial
  • Champion Alpinist J13043, which has a dial and handset that rank as unbeatable

We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode. Feel free to let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss in the future!