Fratello On Air is back with another brand-focused episode. We truly promise that we’re not on a Swatch Group parade, but we will hit our third marque within the portfolio. Hamilton is our topic today with Balazs and Mike on the – erm – mic. Enjoy it because the guys really enjoy this brand.

Before we get to what was once America’s most famous watch brand, we talk a little bit of news. Mike brings up the latest MING 22.01 GMT and asks Balazs what he thinks about “caller” GMTs. In the end, both think this is a subject that receives more scrutiny than necessary. But it’s not Hamilton time yet, because next, it’s time for a…

MING 17.09 Hands On Watch 2

Handgelenks Kontrolle

Balazs is on point with his Hamilton Intra-matic chronograph, a stunning modern reissue in blue. This watch will play a part later on in the episode. Mike is wearing his MING 17.09 in blue on the Universal bracelet. It’s a watch that offers the perfect move from his recent blue-dial Datejust infatuation.

Hamilton Military Chronograph


We move on to Hamilton and talk a bit of history. This is a brand that truly appeals to Mike, as he lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the ancestral home of this longstanding company. With the six watches that we’ll discuss, watches from both Lancaster and Switzerland will make their appearances. We discuss:

  • Piping Rock, an Art Deco watch that was first made from 1928 to 1935 and has a baseball tie-in
  • Super Compressor 600, a lovely 36mm diver
  • Odyssee 2001, the late ’60s watch with a connection to Stanely Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (Balazs mentions the book by Horolovox in which this watch is featured)
  • Military W-46374, the 33-34mm ’70s and ’80s military watch with a manual-wind movement
  • Military Chronograph, a watch issued to the RAF and Royal Navy from 1970-1982 and largely produced by Breitling. Head to for loads of information
  • 7730 Chronograph, built by Heuer and known as a “poor man’s Carrera”. Check those prices now!

If you enjoyed this episode, drop a comment down below. As always, we thank you for listening, and stay tuned for more!