It’s time for another episode of Fratello Talks! This week, you join Nacho, Daan, and first-time podcast guest Morgan (Fratello’s photographer) for a chat on GADA watches. This topic has been on our minds lately, with most editors writing articles on their GADA watches. These are the pieces in their collections with which they’re not afraid to go anywhere and do anything. We get deeper into the topic today, discussing some hypotheticals, including our “grail GADA” watches and the future adventures we’d love to take our watches on. Tune in; it’s a good one! But first…

Wrist check!

If you have a wrist, you know we’ll check it. And we make no exception for the guys joining today’s podcast. We kick things off with Morgan, who is wearing the new Omega Aqua Terra Worldtimer in titanium (ref. Daan wrote a full review of this watch alongside its steel counterpart here.

Daan is wearing his Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duoface on a Casa Fagliano textile/leather strap — a perfectly summery way to dress down the classic Reverso. Combined with the watch’s silvery-white dial, it’s a tall, refreshing drink on a sweltering summer’s day.

Finally, Nacho is wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional. Back from a bit of maintenance at the Omega mothership in Biel, he’s thrilled to have it back on his wrist. On this particular day, he wore it on a gray NATO strap.

Fratello Talks: GADA watches

You have likely already read about Morgan’s, Daan’s, and Nacho’s GADA watches. If you haven’t, you should definitely take a look. In this episode, we give a brief overview but quickly get into the peripheral topics. We discuss the GADA watches we’d get if money were no object, as well as where we’d love to take them. The elephant in the room makes himself heard too, and we do not ignore him. It was not lost on us that selecting a Rolex as a GADA watch would not be everyone’s choice — a fair point to be sure!

For all this and more, check out this week’s episode. Remember to tune in next week for a new episode of Fratello Talks!