On this week’s episode of Fratello Talks, Lex, Morgan, and Nacho take a look at the Tudor Pelagos FXD. The guys have all four references so far lined up for a closer look. However, it’s not just the FXD that takes all the attention. We start with a look back at the birth of the original Pelagos and how the line expanded to include this fixed-bar dive watch. Since its introduction in late 2021, the FXD has become a fan favorite. However, the recent additions to the lineup have certainly stirred people’s feelings. The Alinghi Red Bull co-branded models gave watch enthusiasts a lot to discuss. The latest release, the US Navy-inspired FXD, took this Pelagos back to basics with the most stripped-back model yet.

Before we go in for a closer look, it’s time for a wrist check!

Wrist check

We start with Morgan, who is wearing his very own Pelagos FXD. The blue Marine Nationale version was the model first introduced in 2021. As a Frenchman, Morgan especially appreciates this tie to the brand’s history and the collaborative nature of this model.

Next, Lex is doubling up on FXDs with both of the Alinghi Red Bull Racing models. An overly-caffeinated Lex wrote a piece on these watches that you might have already read earlier this week. If not, you can find it here. These are not Lex’s favorite watches, but seeing them in person helped him understand the appeal of these carbon-cased Tudors. However, he still wants to see the chronograph come back as a standard titanium model.

Finally, Nacho is wearing the latest (and, to him, greatest) addition to the FXD line. Less is more in this case, and the lack of case-back engraving coupled with a classic black colorway (with only a small red accent) really appeals to him. The association with the US Navy being in marketing/inspiration only is also something that makes this model more widely appealing. You can read his thoughts on this one, including his experience scuba diving with the watch, here.

Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono

Tudor Pelagos FXD

The story of the Tudor Pelagos begins in 2012 with the introduction of the reference 25500TN. This two-line-dialed model didn’t use an in-house movement, which came with the first revamped models released in 2015. This was also when we first saw a blue-dialed Pelagos. Two years later, in 2017, the now-famous LHD model was introduced. Since then, this denizen of the deep has maintained its position as the most appealing lightweight technical dive watch on the market. Four years later, the original FXD came out. In September 2022, the wonderful yet slightly divisive Pelagos 39 made its debut.

Following that were this year’s Alinghi Red Bull Racing and USN-inspired releases. Now the Pelagos name is one that not only commands respect as a capable diver but also represents a diverse line of great watches offering good value. Only recently have the original 42mm Pelagos models snuck from their original €4,200 price over the €5K line (only by €10, mind you). As you can imagine, each of the guys has his preferred Pelagos, but overall, the appreciation for this uncompromising dive watch is there.

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