Last year we reported about the new project by (amongst others) Octavio Garcia, former Head of Design at Audemars Piguet. The Gorilla Fastback was born and we brought you a review and a #52Mondayz feature on this watch. Today, we show you the new Gorilla Fastback collection consisting of three pieces: The Acid Green, RS White and Phantom Black.

Gorilla Fastback Collection

Gorilla Fastback Collection

There’s more to it than just the different colors about the Acid Green, RS White and Phantom Black. Upon closer inspection, the Phantom Black has a bead blasted ceramic bezel while the others have a glossy ceramic bezel. Two of them have the forged carbon case while the Acid Green has a layered forged carbon case. However, in essence, we are looking at the same type of watch, the Gorilla Fastback.

All have the 44mm carbon case, an anodised aluminium “pinstripe”, a multi-layered dial, a natural rubber strap and powered by Miyota’s Caliber 8215 movement. The new Gorilla Fastback Collection also includes the original model of course, for those who fancy a color scheme that is slightly more subtle. Slightly.

Gorilla Fastback Collection

Gorilla Fastback Collection

Where the Acid Green and RS White might be more of a ‘Summer’ watch, the RS White can also definitely be worn during winter, with its overall white appearance. The Acid Green was the least to my taste, but I can imagine there are people who love this kind of Neon revival. I have to admit I am not much of a camo guy, but the Phantom Black is magnificent. I would be having severe difficulties choosing between the RS White and Phantom Black. All watches have the same retail price of €790 (excluding taxes and shipping).

For this price, you get something original for sure, in the color scheme you prefer and from a well-known and respected designer. The 44mm case (48.5mm with crown guard) and rubber strap combination weighs 110 grams, which slightly more than a full gold watch on a strap we had on review here recently. The watch definitely wears big, but it is surprisingly comfortable.

Gorilla Fastback Collection Phantom Black

Phantom Black

Gorilla Fastback Collection Details

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The Gorilla Fastback collection has lots of them, especially in the layered dial and in the case. The forged carbon, and layered forged carbon (Acid Green) consists of four parts. A titanium case back with cool ‘Gorilla’ engraving, a forged carbon mid-case, an anodised aluminium part and a ceramic (either bead blasted or glossy finish) bezel. The crown guards are of the same block as the mid-case and therefor made of forged carbon. The titanium screw-down crown is easy to grasp and ensures the watch is water resistant. The rubber strap also enables you to use this watch in the water. A water resistance of 100 meters (~10 ATM) is warranted.

The new additions to the Gorilla Fastback collection are certainly not for the faint-hearted, but if you love fashionable looking watches made of several different (high-tech) materials, the Acid Green, RS White, Phantom Black and the original Gorilla Fastback are worth exploring. If you’re a sucker for details, this watch will keep you occupied for quite a while.

As written above, the retail price for any of the pieces from the Gorilla Fastback collection is €790, excluding sales tax and shipping. More information can be found on the official website (and shop). A second black rubber strap is included with the Acid Green and Phantom Black.