On the Sinn website, it reads, “This watch is already sold out in direct sales. You can still obtain this watch from our sales partners.” See what I mean? It might be unavailable on Monday, but when your local Sinn dealer opens its doors on Tuesday, you might still be able to acquire one of the 300 limited-edition T50 Goldbronze timepieces. Is this subtly flamboyant dive watch worth the effort?

Do you want me to write about the Captive Safety Bezel and the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology that enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging? I could, but Michael (“I’m a real fan”) already wrote an in-depth piece that also included a bit of history and a spec list about the three new T50 dive watches. The story featured the titanium version that costs €3,340 on a bracelet and €3,380 on a silicone strap. It also included the T50 GBDR with its Goldbronze bezel and a price of €4,100 on a bracelet and €4,140 on a strap. The Sinn T50 Goldbronze (1052.061) that I’m starting to fall in love with is the charismatic frontman of this power trio, and that shows in the €4,980 price. It wasn’t the list of technical features that struck a chord with me but the watch’s original and extraordinary exterior that got my undivided attention.

Sinn T50 Goldbronze

Sinn T50 Goldbronze: Frankfurter flamboyance

The watch was inside a box with a bunch of other timepieces. I was looking for something else in the Fratello safe, but there it was. Something golden yet also kind of bronze, with a very distinct dial that looked weirdly familiar. I really have no clue what watch I was actually looking for, though, because I took out the Sinn T50 Goldbronze and walked back to my desk. I looked at the dial again, and then it all came back.

It’s the same dial as the one in one of the first watches I reviewed for Fratello. The gray “Dekorschliff” dial — a dial with decorative grinding — also uplifts the 358 Sa PILOT DS from just another pilot’s chronograph to a creation befitting a sharp-dressed wing commander. But whereas the pilot’s model comes in a brushed 42 × 15mm steel case that is quite subdued, the T50 dive watch is an exponent of seldom-seen Frankfurter flamboyance with its case and bezel in subtly glowing, bead-blasted Goldbronze.


WTH is Goldbronze?

The case, crown, and bezel come in something called Goldbronze 125, a Sinn-developed bronze alloy with a patent pending. The alloy contains one-eighth gold for that undeniably luxurious appearance. Combined with bronze, it becomes warmer and less flashy with a hint of maritime instrumentality. One of the advantages of the metal is that it’s friendly to almost every skin type — there’s also an anti-allergenic titanium case back — and it boasts improved corrosion resistance to seawater if you compare it to standard bronze alloys.

T50 Goldbronze

When you take a close look at the watch on my wrist, you might see some patina. Because of the bronze in the luxurious alloy, a patina will develop. The alloy already shows some darkening of the surface due to oxidation. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. The watch “lives,” you could say. It won’t go black and green crazy-fast like some bronze watches that result in a slightly unpleasant, fungus-like look I’m not too wild about. And with a gold or bronze cleaning cloth, the patina is gone after a few wipes.

Sinn T50 Goldbronze

What a combination of materials and colors!

The gray dial in combination with the Goldbronze case and the gray/green (?) textile strap is a great combination of fashion and functionality. Sinn isn’t exactly a fashion brand like Hublot, but every once in a while, maybe by pure coincidence, the designers come up with something that has a style that goes beyond technicality. When you strap the watch on your wrist, the first thing you notice is the thick but supple and soft, high-quality textile strap. You will also find that the watch with its 41 × 12.3mm case and 47mm lug-to-lug length wears just perfectly. The dimensions are not too big and not too small. Some people nowadays seem to disqualify anything that breaks the 40mm border, but that’s shortsighted behavior if you ask me. For a sports watch with instrumental roots, 41mm is spot on.


Some specs for your peace of mind

Okay, for me, it’s more about the looks of the Sinn T50 Goldbronze, but its specs can’t be denied, so here goes. The water resistance rating of the Sinn T50 Goldbronze comes in at 500 meters (DNV certified), and inside the case beats the automatic Sellita SW300-1 with a date feature. The hour hand and indices on the textured dial glow green, while the minute and second hands and the triangle on the rotating bezel display a bluish glow. The crown placement at 4 o’clock not only looks good but also prevents it from pinching the hand. The Captive Safety Diver’s Bezel is a “press first, then turn” system. And the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology that prevents fogging is proof of Sinn’s relentless quest to create the perfect tool watch. The watch is also equipped with a sapphire crystal over the dial, and it’s low-pressure resistant.

Sinn T50 Goldbronze

The agony of hypothetical choice

Would I recommend the T50 Goldbronze? If you’re on the hunt for a dive watch/sports watch/vacation watch/GADA watch off the beaten path, yes. It’s a well-built, exclusive, fancy, stylish, and subtly striking piece. What if I had to (hypothetically) choose between the T50 Goldbronze and the 358 Sa PILOT DS with the same gray “Dekorschliff” dial?

In that case, I would also bring another Sinn into the mix. And that’s the U50 S Mother-of-pearl S Limited Edition, the black steel watch with a light blue dial that shimmers like the seas around the Maldives. The agony of choice is real even in the hypothetical realm. Which one would you pick?

Regarding the unavailability of the T50 Goldbronze online, if you contact the German brand, its reps will direct you to one of Sinn’s sales partners that still have a watch available.

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Watch specifications

T50 Goldbronze
Gray with decorative grinding and painted luminous indices
Case Material
Goldbronze 125 with bead-blasted finish
Case Dimensions
41mm (diameter) × 47mm (lug-to-lug) × 12.3mm (thickness)
Case Back
Titanium, screw-down
Sellita SW300-1 — automatic winding, 28,800vph frequency, 56-hour power reserve, 25 jewels
Water Resistance
500m (50 ATM)
Gray/green (?) textile strap (20mm width) with pin buckle
Time (hours, minutes, central seconds, date, 60-minute Captive Safety Bezel, Ar-Dehumidifying Technology
Three years
Special Note(s)
Limited to 300 pieces