In the southwestern Turkish province of Denizli lies the town of Pamukkale. Famous for its mineral-rich thermal springs, it’s the home to one of Turkey’s beloved natural tourist attractions and quite a sight to behold. Volcanic activity in the earth’s crust warms the water deep below the town of Pamukkale. This water is naturally calcium-rich, and as it finds its way to the surface, it spills out over a hillside, creating an otherworldy white rock formation. As the water evaporates, the calcium is deposited on the surface. The process has occurred for millennia and has created the famous hillside, where white travertine formations make small, clear blue pools of hot water.

Today, we are excited to introduce a new colorway for the Batavi Geograaf Wereldtimer inspired by this very place. Batavi is a brand that most of you reading this will have heard about. We’ve had our eye on it since the launch of the brand’s second model, the Amsterdam Kosmopoliet GMT. Since then, we’ve witnessed the birth of the Architect and the Geograaf Wereldtimer and GMT models. These were introduced in a total of six different colorways. These include colors like “Eau Claire,” “French Lavander,” “Arctic Dawn,” and my personal favorite, “Aurora.” Now, we take a closer look at the latest colorway added to the lineup.

Batavi Geograaf Wereldtimer Pamukkale

The Batavi Geograaf Wereldtimer Pamukkale

As you can see in the cover image, the turquoise tones of the Batavi Geograaf Wereldtimer Pamukkale are directly inspired by the hot spring’s waters. The pink details come from the view of a sunset sky over the pools. It’s quite a beautiful thing to see and lends itself well to the dial of this watch. Batavi has never been afraid of bold colors. Even the Geograaf’s previous iterations were already rather lively. As such, this turquoise-and-pink livery is certainly not out of place. One thing to note is that the new colorway is only available for the Wereldtimer version of the Geograaf and not the GMT.

The Georgraaf line was inspired by the post-lockdown freedom to travel and explore the planet once again. With many of us having used said freedom to go back home, naming the color after a stunning place from the brand founder’s homeland makes a lot of sense.

Batavi Geograaf Wereldtimer Pamukkale

Available both on the metal bracelet and a number of leather options, the new colorway will be available soon. How soon? Well, luckily, those looking forward to the launch will only have to wait until this Friday, the 18th of November. Then, the first 20 of 75 pieces of the Geograaf Wereldtimer Pamukkale will be available for purchase directly for a special price of €789 on Batavi’s website.

That’s right! The brand will only produce 75 of these in total. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the first 20 examples, you’d best plan on moving quickly. Sign up on the product page on the Batavi website to get notified when this watch goes live. Also, feel free to let us know your thoughts on this model in the comments!