An Introduction To The 52 Mondayz Project By Gerard Nijenbrinks

Robert-Jan Broer
February 21, 2014
An Introduction To The 52 Mondayz Project By Gerard Nijenbrinks

Gerard Nijenbrinks is a friend of the show since the early start of this blog and actually much longer than that. He is the guy from whom I bought my first Speedmaster, in October 1999. He has his shop Horloge Platform since 1989, where he currently specializes in pre-owned and vintage watches only after having been an official retailer for a number of brands as well.omegapolaris
Always in for a new (horological) project, Gerard came up with, an fun and personal initiative where he will show one watch from his personal collection every week. So, starting on the 24th of February, he will post a picture of one of his watches every Monday. This project will continue for one year, showing 52 different watches.

The watch above is his #00, so only for preview purposes. It is an Omega Seamaster Polaris from 1992, a limited edition of 3000 pieces for the Olympic Games in Albertville & Barcelona. Inside is a quartz chronograph movement, based on an ETA. A rare piece from the Polaris collection, the predecessor of the famous Omega Seamaster Professional 300M collection that was introduced in 1993.

Now you know what to do  first on Monday morning for the next coming year, visit

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