We wrote about Klynt last year when their first collection hit the microbrand scene. It was a refreshingly new approach, combining elements of watch design and architecture. The guys behind Klynt researched this topic and came out with a product that was interesting to look at and had a price tag that was more than fair. The watch looked exciting and the deeper you dwelled into its design the more features you explored. Needless to say, it was a success (click here for our previous review) and a great start that hopefully will continue with the 2 new models – within a new line – Klynt is about to release. Staying true to their motto to create Swiss-made timepieces that look unique and affordable Klynt will launch their Dome collection on Kickstarter soon. The Klynt D1X will be Swiss Made quartz GMT, the D0X is Swiss Made automatic. We are going to review the latter.


You can find the link to the Kickstarter campaign here.

Klynt Dome

Klynt Dome


the retail of the quartz GMT version will start at 299 CHF for the first 250 backers only. The watch comes in 4 models; D11 Steel, D12 Gold, D13 Black, and D14 Blue. Our review topic, however, is the mechanical Klynt Dome D01 Steel. Other than the steel though, Klynt will release an additional 4 versions. Colors such as gold (D02), black (D03), blue (D04) and black and yellow (D05) are in the collection. So, it’s safe to say that backers have plenty of models to choose from. With such a selection most can find a timepiece that fits their requirements. The price for the automatic Swiss Made Klynt Dome is set to 499 CHF for the first 250 backers. As you usually have it with Kickstarter this is only the early bird special. However, even if the price gets higher it still remains well within the affordable category.

Klynt Dome


I feel that the Klynt Dome D01 steel is the simplest of them all with its 316L steel case and silver/white dial. So, I chose this model as the topic of this review. The case actually is very similar to Klynt’s first model. It looks and feels sturdy and quality. However, the watch is not heavy or bulky on the wrist. The Klynt Dome D01 is 40,2mm wide and 11,2 thick. The lug to lug length is 45,6mm making the timepiece contemporary in size. Part of the Klynt DNA are the etched upper sides of the lugs, which break the length of the watch visually, “shrinking” it a bit. The Klynt Dome D01’s sides are vertically brushed but the edge of the bezel, as well as the side of the case back, is polished. All in all, the Dome D01 is not a shiny watch at all.

Klynt Dome Klynt Dome

The Klynt Dome D01 comes with 2 types of case backs; normal or display. I prefer the display for obvious reasons. It is always great when you can admire the beating heart of a mechanical watch. While on the movement not much is going on the back looks awesome. This is again a design elements Klynt took from their first model. The back is basically divided into 4 segments each containing different info. The one at 12 has the logo. The segment on the right gives you all the information you want to know about the movement. And then some. While the segment at 6 has a decoration that takes inspiration from contemporary architecture, the part on the left has some further info. The back has fixed to the case with 4 bolts. The Klynt Dome D01 is water resistant to 50 meters.

Klynt DomeKlynt Dome


Layers and patterns. The 2 words that characterize the Klynt Dome D01’s dial the best. Embossed and etched elements, domed part and a see-through section that lets you have a glimpse of the movement. The indexes and numerals are all painted on the dial the logo is at 9 o’clock, also painted on a shiny silver surface, which makes it a bit hard to photograph. Not that this should be the concern for many. The outer domes circle that has the numerals and indexes and plain while the inner segment has a concentric circular pattern. The moon-shape triangular hollow honeycomb part is where you can see some of the parts from the movement below. Only the polished silver hour and minutes hands have lume, not a big issue as the Klynt Dome D01 is more of a dress watch, but it’s worth mentioning. The D01 has dome sapphire crystal.

Klynt Dome


As we know the price of a watch has a lot to do with the movement inside of it. Klynt is using Swiss Made calibers from the beginning. Since the guys are from Geneva, the heart of watchmaking, it was important for them to use local suppliers and quality Swiss materials. Let that be the case, the dial or the movement Klynt always tries to get their hands on the best they could afford. Inside the Dome D01 is Sellita’s SW 200-1. A 26-Jewel automatic movement with 38 hours of power reserve and 28,800vph. To brand it, Klynt added their logo to the rotor with Cotes de Geneve decoration. Sellita is the largest independent movement manufacture of the industry. We visited Sellita a while ago and reported about it here. Their movements are widely used and trusted by many from microbrands to huge watch houses.

Klynt Dome

The Rest

The Klynt Dome D01 comes on a 20mm black leather strap with steel buckle. I really like the buckle’s shape and the logo engraving on it. It’s a small feature but if you pay attention to details, you’ll appreciate it. Other strap options are the same leather strap with deployant buckle or steel bracelet. The campaign on Kickstarter starts on the 7th November so make sure you visit the page if you want to know more about the brand. Please keep in mind that the prices I disclosed above are only for the first 250 backers. I’d like to invite you to read our previous articles on the brand, they contain a ton of interesting facts as well as an interview with one of the founders; Bruno Gaertner. We hope to see new Klynt models in the future as this would be the result of a successful campaign.


Klynt Dome