From the 16th of March to the 26th of March there will be 6 watch auctions on eBay (starting at 9pm GMT+1) with all proceeds from the auctions going to the children’s charity Bravehearts.


Mark Knopfler is the patron of the children’s charity which is based in the North East of England and was founded to recognise the exceptional courage shown by children who are battling illness or adversity. Parents, nurses, friends and family are able to nominate children so their courage can be recognised. This happens at special awards ceremonies where the children are rewarded by receiving a Bravehearts crystal and a gift of their choice.

We hope there is something which you might fancy owning in these lots, the main thing is fund raising but the winning bidders will get a pretty much unique watch with a great story attached. The auctions will add provenance to the watches too – so worth printing out the photos and details if you win and not forgetting by bidding and winning all proceeds will go to put a smile on a child’s face, what could be better?

If you fancy just donating to Bravehearts, however little, that would also be a great help and very much appreciated.

Bravehearts website

The watches that will be offered for auction are:

  1. TAG Heuer Kirium chronograph. This is Mark Knopfler’s personal property and will come with a TAG Heuer box signed by him.
  2. IWC vintage watch. This again is Mark’s personal watch. The watch will be auctioned with a signed strap.
  3. Lum-Tec watch. limited edition number 1 of 50. The strap signed by Mark.
  4. Lemania vintage military watch. The strap signed by Mark.
  5. Hamilton vintage General service military type watch. The strap signed by Mark.
  6. Hamilton vintage military 6B watch. The strap signed by Mark

Mark Knopfler Bravehearts

More details of each of the watches including the serial numbers can be found in each of the six auctions.

So please search on eBay for “Mark Knopfler Bravehearts charity auction” on the 16th of March after 9pm and each of the six auctions will be found. Here are the links to the auctions:

  1. Vintage Lemania Military
  2. Vintage IWC Cal 89
  3. TAG Heuer Kirium
  4. LUM-Tec M62 1/50 Ltd
  5. Vintage Hamilton GS Military style
  6. Vintage Hamilton RAF

More information on the Bravehearts charity, Mark’s web page and social media pages.