Our favorite North Rhine-Westphalia-based producer of one-handed watches released their latest limited edition watch just last month. I am, of course, talking about the unmistakable MeisterSinger and its Edition Planet Earth model, created in collaboration with the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature). I was given the opportunity to test this one in person and was excited to not only see that wonderful depiction of the Earth on the dial, as well as to experience one of their new vegan “leather” straps (more on that later). In teaming up with the WWF, the Münster brand looks to do its part for the future of our planet, a cause that I think we can all agree is more than worthy.

The MeisterSinger Edition Planet Earth

Most of us are already familiar with MeisterSinger’s Perigraph models. We had a look at the Mellow Yellow earlier this year. The elegant 43mm stainless steel case houses the brand’s unique 12-hour dials. These are designed in such a way that the time can be read to an accuracy of 5 minutes using only one hand. In this special edition model, the brand has opted for a pitch-black dial with white numerals and indices. This may sound somewhat pedestrian and unremarkable, but the watch is anything but. This is due to the lovely image of the earth, placed in the center of the dial under the domed sapphire glass atmosphere. The equally domed photorealistic depiction adds a splash of color to the otherwise monochromatic dial. We see different shades of blue for the seas and oceans as well as greens, yellows, and browns for the continents.

Meister Singer Edition Planet Earth wrist shot

Orbiting around the planet, the date wheel remains faithful to the same color palette (or lack thereof) as the rest of the dial. The choice of black and white for the dial and date wheel is quite clever. Coupled with the dot markers and lumed numerals it makes it look as though the earth is floating in space. The central hand hovers over the planet, like a white-hot comet with a burning red tail, and is also lumed. This detail is color matched by the date-indicator arrow, placed in the Norwegian Sea, above Scandinavia, and over the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. The central hand is set in Lybia, and just as the Earth rotates on its axis, it makes its rounds of the dial once every 12 hours.

Meister Singer Edition Planet Earth movement

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Our Earth’s core is made of red-hot molten rock. But don’t expect to see any magma through the see-through case back of this watch. At the core of the MeisterSinger Edition Planet Earth lies a Sellita SW400. The automatic, 26-jewel movement runs at 28,000 Vph and has a 38-hour power reserve. Instead of magma, you will see a nicely decorated movement, with the MeisterSinger logo on the rotor. The WWF logo is printed onto the glass back, which screws onto the back of the watch providing 50m of water resistance. Engraved on the steel section of the back will be the model name, as well as the watch’s unique number out of 500 pieces that will be produced.

Meister Singer Edition Planet Earth dial closeup

Eco-friendly ambitions

So, you might be wondering how this watch can make a difference in the well-being of our planet. Well, there are actually a couple of ways. The first of which is the fact that €200 of the €1,990 retail price of each watch sold will be donated to the WWF. This will support the non-government organization (previously known as the World Wildlife Fund) in their quest to preserve wildlife and biodiversity, and reduce the impact of human activities on the environment by promoting the use of natural resources in a sustainable manner. In line with this mission is the watch’s strap. Earlier this month, MeisterSinger announced a new line of vegan leather straps. Available for sale individually, this is the first model to come equipped with one.

Meister Singer Edition Planet Earth crown side

The black strap with light brown keepers and contrast stitching wears just like a nice supple leather strap would. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical when it came to how comfortable these straps would be. However, I was truly not disappointed. The most important aspect when providing a vegan alternative, whether it’s food or another product, is that it looks and feels (or tastes) like the real thing. I can’t tell you much about the taste of this strap, as I exercised some restraint in that regard, but on the wrist it was brilliant. Supple, like leather, with a smooth quality feel, good stitching, and a great buckle. The texture on the brown keepers was also different, adding a more realistic leather-like look. Four different versions of these vegan straps are available individually for sale on the MeisterSinger site for a reasonable €70.

Meister Singer Edition Planet Earth with box

Final thoughts

The eco-friendly and sustainable ambitions of this project don’t end there. The vegan strap, made of apple fibers is a nice touch. Donating part of the profits to WWF is a great gesture. And last but not least, the brand employs environmentally friendly packaging. The overall message and mission of the MeisterSinger Edition Planet Earth are clear. We have only one planet, it’s a beautiful place, and we should do our part to protect it. A worthy watch for a worthy cause, which 500 environmentally conscious individuals will proudly call their own!

For more information on pricing and availability, check the MeisterSinger site here.

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Watch specifications

Perigraph Edition Planet Earth
Black 12h dial with a photorealistic depiction of the Earth
Case Material
Stainless steel
Case Dimensions
43 × 11.5mm
Domed sapphire
Case Back
Open sapphire case back
Sellita SW-400: automatic winding, 26 jewels, 28,800vph, with a 38h power reserve
Water Resistance
Vegan leather strap
One-hand time display with date ring
€1990 (€200 from each sale donated to the WWF)