The single-hand watch specialist MeisterSinger has renewed its collaboration with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to support the organization’s mission to conserve our natural world. This time, the stage is set to showcase the interdependence between Planet Earth and the Moon in a collaborative timepiece. The German watchmaker calls it “friendship as a concept” and wants us to think of the big picture with the Edition Best Friends. This Stratoscope special edition with photorealistic Earth and moonphase is limited to 250 pieces.

MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends

Second collaboration

MeisterSinger is based in Münster, the city of bicycles, which is unique in Germany with cycling as the main mode of transport. For the second year running, MeisterSinger is raising funds and awareness for WWF by creating a limited edition. The WWF logo featuring a giant panda is so famous that most of us instantly recognize it. But not every one of us knows that the nonprofit was founded in 1961 in Switzerland.

MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends

What is WWF?

WWF originally stood for World Wildlife Fund before the official name was changed in 1985. It has remained one of the leading nature conservation organizations and is active in almost 100 countries today. Its global efforts focus on preserving the world’s biodiversity, promoting the sustainable use of natural and renewable resources, and reducing waste and environmental pollution.

MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends

Earth and Moon

Last year, MeisterSinger created the Edition Planet Earth, which Nacho reviewed here. It was a special edition based on the Perigraph model staging an enveloping photorealistic print of Earth. The message was loud and clear. This year, there is a twist to the story. The independent watchmaker has called upon the Stratoscope model with its moonphase complication to dance along with our planet.

MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends

The bigger story

The mystical and romantic association with the Moon is been ingrained in cultures the world over. Ask anyone about the Moon, and what comes to mind is usually something magical or awe-inspiring. By orbiting Earth, our Moon gives us both daily tides and its soft, enchanting moonbeams at night. But behind the scenes, the Moon has also been stabilizing Earth’s rotation, hence moderating our seasons and climate for over four billion years.

Many effects of the Moon, however indirect such as stable climatic conditions, are essential elements for life to develop on our home planet. This is a cosmic relationship upon which our survival depends, one that we can count on and that MeisterSinger likens to “Best Friends”. To illustrate this strong connection, in this new iteration of the Stratoscope, the photorealistic supermoon in its phases travels above the Earth upon a jet-black dial.

High-precision moonphase

Just as our Moon faithfully circles Earth for 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds each cycle, the Stratoscope’s moonphase indication strives for precision throughout the life of its wearer. This is no mean feat given that most moonphase watches complete a cycle every 29.5 days, which means they deviate by eight hours per year and one whole day every three years. MeisterSinger has developed a dependable moonphase module in the MS Luna movement which only requires a slight adjustment after 122 years.

The Stratoscope

Style-wise, the Edition Best Friends is the nearly same moonphase watch that Jorg reviewed here last year. The only changes for the new iteration are the date window at 3 o’clock and the “05” to “07” hour numerals having given way to the photorealistic representation of our blue planet. A single needle-shaped hand indicates the time to the nearest five minutes, just like on all other MeisterSinger watches. The hand, hour markers, numerals, and moonphase indication all glow at night. A sapphire crystal seals off the 43mm stainless steel case, which stands 13.5mm tall and offers a 50m water-resistance rating.

On the back of the case on full display is the aforementioned MS Luna automatic movement. Its Swiss Sellita SW220 base caliber has been specially modified for MeisterSinger’s single-hand watches. It operates at 28,000vph (4Hz) and provides 38 hours of power reserve. The mineral glass opens up the view and carries the WWF logo and its emblematic panda.

Earth-friendly packaging

The Stratoscope Edition Best Friends comes with a vegan strap that not only has the look and texture of genuine leather but also the quality and wearing comfort to boot. Rounding off the planet-conscious concept, the presentation box is sustainably made of FSC-certified cardboard. It is covered with FSC-certified paper both inside and outside and recycled velour fabric for the lid cushion.

MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends

Back to the story

With all that said, what has the Moon got to do with WWF? Here comes the twist. With the Best Friends concept, the story hits home for mankind. MeisterSinger sees how humans exploit and degrade our natural environments and realizes that this is far from best-friend behavior. The concern is that we no longer live in harmony with nature but instead wreak havoc on the ecosystems of Earth. In the end, after enough damage, our planet would become like a mechanical movement that could no longer be repaired. If a meaningful timepiece were starting to deteriorate, you would most likely do something about it. It is natural that we want to protect and restore what is precious to us.

MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends

A way to help

This is where the Stratoscope Edition Best Friends comes in with a limited series of 250 pieces. For every sale, MeisterSinger and its business partners will each donate an equal share of €250 to WWF. The proceeds will serve as direct support to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and wildlife. All that is in the hope that many more of our future generations can continue to admire and romanticize our celestial companion. Each MeisterSinger Stratoscope Edition Best Friends retails for €4,250 including VAT.

For more information, visit MeisterSinger’s official website.