When MeisterSinger introduced the Unomat to its growing family last year, we saw a rough-and-tough side to the brand’s classy offerings. Now, the brand from Münster has introduced two new fetching colors to the collection. Say hello to the mid-green and mid-blue Unomats with fetching radial dials.

You’d be forgiven for looking at the Unomat and not realizing that it’s a robust watch that’s 300m water-resistant. That level of water resistance is usually reserved for professional dive watches, but here we are with a single-handed watch that can compete with the big boys. The single-hand approach may not resonate with everyone, but upon reflection, this watch is kind of the perfect holiday watch.

Let’s go on holiday!

How? Well, I don’t know about you, but I find myself wanting to switch off on holiday. I don’t really have much I need to be precisely on time for. I don’t need to know the time to the exact minute. The signature MeisterSinger style of a single time-telling hand allows you to kick back, relax, and track time at a more leisurely pace. Couple in the 300m water resistance and its anti-magnetic properties, and you have a watch that clearly wants to be sunning itself on the beach and sipping margaritas with you. Has the Unomat created a new subset of watches, “The Holiday Beater”?

Still the same Unomat we’ve come to love

The specs remain entirely unchanged from last year’s release. It’s only the dial colors that are new. The 43mm steel case houses the automatic Sellita SW400-1. That’s a 4Hz movement with around 38 hours of power reserve. I’d like to see Sellita up that power reserve, but that’s an entirely different conversation. MeisterSinger encloses the movement with layers of soft iron to achieve its magnetic resistance. The dial is also made of soft iron rather than traditional brass.

Classic MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger’s signature is its no-nonsense design language. The striking needle-shaped hand with its overhanging tip and the fine five-minute graduations on the edge of the dial are ever-present. Just like every other MeisterSinger, all these features are reflected in the design of the Unomat. But there are just enough differences to allow the Unomat to stand out in its own right while obviously remaining a MeisterSinger. The distinctive case with its sporty crown protectors and the fitted solid-metal-link bracelet makes it stand out from the rest of the collection.

The Unomat, now with added color!

MeisterSinger’s new mid-blue and mid-green dials offer a vibrant color boost to the business-first black and blue dials which launched the collection last year. Both new colors shimmer in the light and provide a high-contrast backdrop for the white hour numerals and minute markers. The signature needle-shaped hand glows in the dark thanks to Super-LumiNova, as do the dashes that mark each hour. A handy date aperture peeks out at six o’clock without ruining the minimalist design language. Of the two, I slightly prefer the blue, but both are equally as handsome. That combination of the mid-blue hue and the gorgeous radial brushing is simply superb.

At 43mm, the Unomat isn’t a small watch by modern standards (or any standard, really). The large dial aperture and lack of bezel don’t do anything to reduce this size, but I feel that the new dial options are worthy of that extra real estate. Why introduce color if you’re not showing it off, right?

MeisterSinger Unomat price and availability

The new Unomat is sure to find a home on the wrists of MeisterSinger fans thanks to the combination of features and new colors. As Lex said in his review last year, “Because of its beefed-up looks, the Unomat is perfect for the MeisterSinger enthusiast. Someone who wants something a bit more sporty than his coveted, classy-looking N° 03.” The new MeisterSinger Unomat is mid-blue and mid-green are available now and priced at €2,090. Find out more on the official MeisterSinger website.

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