It seems like just last week we were talking all about Norqain’s Adventure Neverest dive watches. In fact, we were. That trio of stunning divers was a perfect summer release. However, as summer starts to wind down, temperatures drop, days get shorter, and the leaves turn brown. A lot of you will also go back to work, and this will likely imply travel. So what better way to welcome the chilly days of fall than with a travel-ready companion in the form of a GMT. Especially one that will look just as good in the office or on the plane if you decide to hit the trails!

We only covered it recently, but Norqain’s previous release saw the brand give us three brilliant dive watches. Now, following the success of the Neverest line, Norqain introduces three GMT watches. Those who love color will be spoiled for choice, as these three timepieces come decorated in a blue, green, and orange livery. Reflected on the night half of the day/night indication around the dial, the “GMT” text on the dial, as well as on the arrow tip of the GMT hand, these color accents make these pieces stand out. However, there is much more to them than color alone.

Norqain doing its part

Before we jump into the watches though, let’s have a look at the more than worthy cause that Norqain is supporting with the release of an additional three Neverest models. Anyone who purchases one of these timepieces will be making a contribution to the Butterfly Help Project. Ten percent of the earnings to be precise.

Founded by Norbu Sherpa and Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann of Wild Yak Expeditions, the Butterfly Help Project aims to help support the families and children of Sherpas who have lost their lives in the Himalayan mountains. Primarily by helping give their children get access to education. Norqain has expressed its support for the project, pledging to send 50 children to school, as well as supporting them over the coming years. This is in addition to the brand’s support of the Butterfly Help Project through the sales of the Neverest watches.

No soft drinks are served here

Norqain has really taken the use of color in its watches to heart. All three watches feature black dials with the brand’s signature texture and matching black ceramic 24-hour bezel inserts. There are no Pepsi or Coke bezels here! The color is incorporated in accents on the watches themselves, further enforced by the matching Nato straps. Still present on the dial and GMT hand, on the steel option the color is nicely toned down. The rehaut also has a 24-hour scale, half in the color of the watch, and the other half in white, serving as a day/night indicator.

This nifty configuration means that these watches allow you to track a total of three time zones! One with the regular centrally-mounted hands, another with the GMT hand and the rehaut, and another with the bi-directionally rotating 24-hour bezel. This is all thanks to the Norqain NN20/2 Manufacture caliber. Developed in collaboration with Kenissi, this mechanical movement is quite impressive. It features a balance bridge, a rotor-wound mainspring with 70 hours of power reserve, and is COSC-certified to internationally recognized standards.

Norqain Adventure Neverest GMT

Unlike the dive watches released in August, Norqain is not hiding the movements behind a solid steel case back. Instead, those who purchase one of these watches will be able to admire the beautifully decorated movement inside these watches through a sapphire case back. There is a small price to pay for this, as half of the 200m water-resistance of the dive models is sacrificed for this more interesting case back display.

Instead, the Norqain Adventure Neverest GMT models are rated to 100m of water resistance. These are not sold as dive watches after all. Still, it’s a respectable amount and certainly enough to survive splashing about in the pool, or even swimming length after length with the crown properly screwed down.

One other interesting feature which speaks to the quality of the movement is that it allows for the date as well as the local-time GMT hand to be set individually. The 24-hour local hand jumps from hour to hour without stopping the watch’s timekeeping. This independently adjustable GMT hand means that this is a “caller” style GMT, as opposed to the more premium “flier” GMT watches that do not have an independently set GMT hand. Now we know what’s inside, let’s zoom back out and have a more detailed look at the three color variations.

A two-part trio

As with the Neverest divers, Norqain has split the trio in two. There’s a pair of standard models, in royal blue and forest green, and then there’s the piece de resistance — the centerpiece of the collection. In the case of the Adventure Neverest GMT line, it’s a satin black DLC-coated model with orange and white details and a textured black dial. The blue and green pieces come in a familiar 41mm stainless steel case with 20mm lugs, which comes in at 14.94mm thick. The dimensions are the same for the black DLC version, but the satin black finish is what sets this one apart. The other Fratello editors can be glad this one was not around for the Summer Splash, as this model would have made a worthy contender, ticking all the boxes to be a potential winner!

All three of these watches have the same black textured dial, safely housed under a double anti-reflective box sapphire crystal. Both the hands and the hand-applied faceted indexes have a polished finish and are filled with powerful X1 Super-LumiNova. On the left side of the 316L steel cases, a customizable plate is attached to the watches. Here, the watch’s buyer can engrave a name, date, or leave the default “Neverest” logo. On the opposite side, crown guards protect the signed screw-down crown. These watches are all available either on a steel bracelet with a folding clasp, a rubber Nato, a rubber strap (both with a pin buckle clasp), or a flex fabric strap. All options feature matching hardware to the case’s finish.

Final thoughts

Overall, these watches provide an excellent option for those looking for a quality GMT watch in the upper-entry level price bracket. The quality that Norqain offers is undeniable, and when paired with some unmistakable design elements, great colors, and abundant strap options, you certainly have a fantastic combination. Prices for the steel models start at CHF 3,530 on the fabric strap and rise to CHF 3,730 on the bracelet. The more premium black DLC version with orange accents starts at CHF 3,870 and tops out at CHF 4,240 on the matching black DLC-coated bracelet. In this price range, the main competitor might well be the well-loved Tudor Black Bay GMT. That model offers some stiff competition, but for those looking for something slightly more out-there, the Norqain Adventure Neverest GMT is sure to be the winner!

For more information, please visit the Norqain website here. 

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