Ah, Spring is FINALLY here, after a murky winter with the bitterly cold wind howling past the window of my home office. But while my new Bianchi road bike is ready to hit the road, today, it’s actually snowing again.

What a perfect time to bring out the freshest, brightest #PASTELS for Easter, and invoke the first rays of proper sunshine that actually warms us up. Unlike my fellow Norwegian countrymen, I will absolutely not go up a mountain to re-acquaint myself with some snow. This is a time to have a Negroni in the sun.


The MoonSwatch

I know, the web is already saturated with the most celebrated collaboration of the last decade. And while I understand those who find the black-dial Moon version cool in its gray case, I’m with Nacho. This is an image of his Mission to Uranus touring Watches & Wonders, and what a perfect summery twist to an icon. The blue menthol sweetness is mood-enhancing with the casual cool of a Velcro strap. Do get a MoonSwatch — and no, they are not limited, so no need for that sleeping bag.

Get a colored one, or even two. Objectively, without the hype and the context, the bioceramic case makes it a nice lightweight sports watch. No matter how horologically inclined you might be, even without the Omega connection, you’ll enjoy it. Does that sound far-fetched coming from a Moonwatch-branded Fratello editor? Believe me, it’s the best entry ticket to watch love of 2022 by a mile at CHF 250.


image courtesy of puma.com

Puma CA Pro Classic Trainers

I’ll be the first to admit that our Hashtag series has been top-heavy on Nikes when the truth is I’m a Puma guy. The slightly wider toe design of most Pumas suits my foot shape, though as a ’90s guy, I do love that soft swoosh. These Puma CA Pro Classics are supremely comfortable with that chunky shape we know and love. And they’re perfectly fresh too, with a summery cream base and just the right touch of sky blue to match that MoonSwatch (are you reading this, Nacho?). The rounded shape of the CA’s also has a knack for making long feet look more proportioned, so try on a pair and you might get hooked. Soft comfort at €89.95.

Sinn 556

Sinn was the last manufacturer I expected to join the #PASTELS game, but here we are. The brand has a focus on watches as precision instruments rather than money-flexes or wrist-cool. Ironically, though, that’s exactly why any Sinn is cool and most definitely the thinking man’s choice. But here is the favorite 556 pilot’s watch in no less than four delightful colors, and you know what? It really does work! Especially as Sinn has fitted some tough canvas straps to these brushed steel tools. The sunny, smooth orange would be my easy choice here — Citrine Yellow, as Sinn calls it, is a great match to the steel case. Limited to 400 watches in each colorway, this might be brighter than textbook #PASTELS, but the metallic sheen makes this too good to leave out at €1,290.


Image courtesy of Asos.com

Asos Design puffer gilet

Yes, it is time to put those warm puffer jackets in the closet. Spring is actually coming — well, perhaps in a couple of days. It’s a great season, however, for the halfway but suave solution of a gilet. Pop it over a jean jacket or a warm jumper for those cold mornings, and match it up to a light orange Sinn 556 perhaps? This is a super value at around €55 from Asos.


F.P. Journe Automatique

For me, the quiet elegance of this new F.P. Journe Automatique has the power of trumping most releases from Watches & Wonders (barring the Vacheron Constantin 222, of course). The version in 18K 6N rose gold seen here features a beautifully matched 5N rose gold frosted dial. Yes, this watch also comes in platinum, but then you’d miss out on the #PASTELS with a white gold dial. Does rose gold qualify as a pastel shade? Well, some might say I’m reaching it a bit. But especially if paired with the shirt that’s coming up next, I think you’ll forgive me for pushing the boundaries. Before we get to that, though…

… take a look at the back! Inside both the rose gold and platinum version resides the caliber 1300.3, featuring one of the most intricately cut guilloche gold rotors in the business. Circular Côtes de Genéve draws my gaze, while perlage of different sizes peeks out from under the balance wheel. Like most current-day F.P. Journe movements, this one is manufactured out of 18K rose gold. In total, it packs a 160-hour power reserve that gives you chronometric precision for the first 120 hours. Impressive! Price on Request.


Image courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Keaton Washed Piqué Shirt

In a soft cloud pink, this casual piqué shirt from Ralph Lauren is a soft and lovable item that has serious favorite potential. And with no logo, the emphasis is on the quality of the fabric and fit, rather than the polo player we all know. This downplayed shirt is a rather suave fit with the salmon-pink F.P. Journe, don’t you think? And if the MoonSwatch in light blue is your everyday piece, there’s even one to match that watch too. It goes for $395 on the Ralph Lauren site.

How about you? Are you excited about springtime? Or would you rather stay indoors polishing your watches (my winter pastime..)? Let us know in the comments below, and I hope these #PASTELS cheered you up. A lot!

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