De Bethune DB26 – Photo Essay by Ming Thein

Ming Thein
December 29, 2011
De Bethune DB26 – Photo Essay by Ming Thein

De Bethune DB26, there are few modern manufactures as diverse as De Bethune: in addition to some extremely classical looking timepieces, there are also extremely avant-garde models on offer such as the DB26.

_7051867 copy

Even the balance shape is unconventional – teardrop shaped rotating eccentric masses on the end of blued arms, and no sign of a circle to be seen anywhere! There is also a tension spring holding the balance bridge in place; presumably for a combination of both increased shock resistance and controlled endshake.

_7051888 copy

This particular watch has a beautiful blue guilloche dial, with a neat touch at the 12 o’clock position: a power reserve gauge. Unusually, the manufacturer’s name and all markings are printed on the underside of the sapphire crystal rather than the dial itself. The hands are also particularly whimsical, and well polished. In fact, finishing is first class throughout the entire watch; though it isn’t so easy to compare the modern aesthetic portrayed here against the more classical Geneva-seal type pieces. The watch is full of interesting little details – flying buttress lugs, what can only be described as an unusual crown, and a rather unusual fully jeweled rotor stay.

Enjoy the images – all may be clicked on for larger views.


_7052001 copy

_7052003 copy

_7051924 copy

_7051875 copy

_7051931 copy

_7052025 copy

_7051948 copy

_7051960 copy

_7051943 copy

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