In this 20th podcast, RJ and Rob talk about their very favorite Seiko watches from 2020 and mention their all-time favorites from Seiko.

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Favorite Seiko Watches

Before we head over to the favorites of the hosts, let’s show the watches they’re wearing during the podcast. No Seiko for RJ but a Grand Seiko, and Rob’s pick you’ll find below. He was cheeky. RJ was wearing his SBGJ201 “Mt. Iwate” Grand Seiko model that he wrote about here.

RJ’s favorites

RJ elaborates heavily on his choices. He loves the Marinemaster collection and has a soft spot for the Tuna models. However, the Seiko that he thinks is the GOAT, is the SPS005. Also known as the Seiko Space Walk from 2008. One of his friends has one of these and rocks it as a daily wearer. An amazing watch that astronaut Garriot has been wearing (you can read all about it here).

RJ’s favorite Seiko from the 2020 collection wasn’t an easy one either, as he really loves the SLA037, SLA039, and SLA041. However, one stands out for him, which is the Tuna SLA041 model. He promised to replace his vintage Grandfather Tuna (6159-7010) with a modern one.

Rob’s favorites

Rob’s favorite pick of all time is the Seiko Silver Wave. He rants about the design of the dial and use of fonts in this podcast but in a good way. The Silverwave marks the start of Seiko’s divers watches, as you might have seen in this video by Mike Stockton and RJ on Seiko divers.

Seiko SilverWave J12082

His favorite Seiko from 2020 is the one he was wearing during the show. It is the Seiko SRPE33K1, a Prospex “Save the Ocean” edition. Rob loves Manta rays (for some reason) and this watch has them on the dial. Spec-wise, the SRPE33 has a lot to offer as well. This Prospex has a 4R35 movement, a sapphire crystal, uni-directional bezel, stainless steel bracelet, and serenely beautiful dial!

We hope you will enjoy this 20th episode of Fratello on Air!