As The Fast And The Fratelli quarter-finals get underway, we see a dangerous number of Speedmasters slicing their way through the competition. Here, it’s Balazs’s Speedmaster Ultraman, which goes toe-to-toe with Nacho’s humble Hamilton Intra-Matic. But will Ultraman fall to his latest foe? Or will the Intra-Matic lose its Intra-Magic and require a tow back to pit lane? The fate of these two is in your hands! So pick wisely and may the best racing chronograph win.

We’ll start off the Balazs’s Speedmaster Ultraman, a watch very close to our hearts here at Fratello. As you all likely know, this was the second Speedy Tuesday release, paying tribute to the 1967 Speedmaster known as the “Ultraman”. A special collaboration between Fratello and Omega, it’s a fan favorite and one that’s gonna be hard for the Hamilton to beat. That being said, the Intra-Matic is coming in hot on slicks with killer pace, so perhaps there’s a chance. So, let’s hand it over to Balazs who will try to sway you the way of the Speedy, before Nacho takes over in favor of the Hamilton.

Balazs — Omega Speedmaster Ultraman

Here we go again. After slaying the Zenith in Round 1 and G-pops’s Seiko in Round 2, we’re back at it again. I must admit, this round is a bit bittersweet for me, as I genuinely adore the Hamilton Intra-Matic. I’d love to own the vintage model that this one is based on. But boy, isn’t this a lovely watch too? And you know what else love is? The winner of this article, aka the Omega Speedmaster Ultraman. Call me cocky, but I think, arrogant as it may sound, that Hammy is no competition to my Ultraman. I loved the looks of the Hamilton, but the case shape is a tad boring, especially if you compare it to the Speedmaster case. Not to mention the color scheme; black and cream are nice, but they’re definitely not Ultraman-on-the-dial nice.

Some might say my Speedy is gimmicky, and the Hamilton has the authentic ’60s vintage vibe and racing DNA. I can’t argue with that. The Hamilton indeed looks like many chronographs from the ’60s. With a simple round case, long pump pushers, panda dial, and two sub-registers, it’s *yawn* truly an “exciting” piece. The Ultraman, on the other hand, uses a very similar case to the vintage Speedies of the ’60s. What worked then still works today, which tells us two things: the Speedy was different and revolutionary back then, and it is still just that. It is timeless and legendary, just like my win over the Hamilton.

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono.004

Nacho — Hamilton Intra-Matic

Alright… Alright! No need to do a victory lap just yet. Keep your champagne corked, Balazs! Call it reckless abandon, or misplaced optimism, but I think the Hamilton Intra-Matic might just have a shot here. After all, who would want to see an all-Speedy shootout for the win? Although, now that I’ve put the words down, it doesn’t sound that bad… But no! Watch collecting is about variety as much as it is about favorites. Too much of a good thing is a real issue, and one that can spoil our enjoyment of watches. Sometimes it’s best to mix it up. And as much as I love the Speedmaster Ultraman (and all Speedies, mind you), I do think we need to give the Intra-Matic some well-deserved love.

And why should it be the Hamilton that goes through to the semi-final? Well, it’s obvious. In spite of its motorsport-related origins, the Speedmaster has become far more synonymous with space travel. I’ll grant you that the Ultraman is not your standard Moonwatch, but whenever I’m faced with any Speedmaster other than the Racing models from the Michael Schumacher era, I just can’t help but look to the stars. In that sense, the Hamilton has more credibility as a racing chronograph. Not only that, but its classic late-1960s stylings harken back to the days of real motorsport. Not today’s world of bureaucratic racing. So, with nothing but peace and love for the Ultraman, I implore you, dear Fratelli: mix it up, keep things interesting, vote Hamilton!


Final thoughts

There you have it, folks! The question on everyone’s mind: will it be Hamilton? Or will it be Verstap- uh… I mean, Speedmaster? You know it already, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it some more: the choice is yours! So make sure to scroll or swipe down (you’re almost there) and cast your vote.

The Fast & The Fratelli

Remember, this is not just a competition for the watches, no sir! You could also be a winner and take home with you an amazing Traxxas Bandit remote-controlled racer. To enter, just join the conversation in the comments below. The wittiest, funniest, die-hard fan of The Fast And The Fratelli will take home the prize. Stay tuned — the competition is almost over, so the winning chronograph, as well as the winning member of the Fratelli will be announced just next week.

The Fast And The Fratelli — Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Vs. Hamilton Intra-Matic

Who will make the semis?