In a no less dramatic way than the Formula 1 season, The Fast And The Fratelli came to an end last week. Our mission was to find the best racing chronograph of the last decade. We saw many contenders, including some true legends compete for the crown. However, in the end, the Fratello love for the Omega Speedmaster came through, and the Calibre 321 took the win over the Zenith El Primero A386 Revival at the last moment. The Zenith, a no less impressive contender and worthy opponent, did its best. But in the end, without the need of intervention from the Fratello Inspection Authority (FIA) and after an impressive bit of driving, it succumbed to the Speedy’s veteran racing skills.

No less fraught with controversy than Max Verstappen’s own victory, RJ’s Speedmaster Calibre 321 fought hard, defeating all opponents the competition threw its way. Though some may think that the winner should have been a chronograph with more racing heritage and the looks to back it up, in the end, it was left in the hands of the Fratelli. You had your say, and it comes as no surprise to see a Speedy take the win. Plus, if you look back in time far enough, you’ll find that petrol does indeed run through the Speedmaster’s veins. So without further ado, we are happy to hand over the trophy and the spot at the top of the podium to this classic chronograph. And if you think back to the Speedmaster World Cup, you’ll know it’s not the first time that the Ed White is crowned king.

A long and winding road

As those of you who followed the competition closely will know, it was no easy feat for the Speedmaster 321 to make the finals. The Fast And The Fratelli grid had it up against a fierce lineup of competitors. So let’s quickly recapitulate the journey this Speedy took on the road to victory. It was off to a good start in the first round, where the Ed White Speedy lead into turn one over the TAG Heuer Monza (CR2080.FC6375) with a staggering 84% of the vote. This gave our winner the slipstream it needed to make another hair-raising overtake in the first shootout round, winning over Thor’s Massena LAB Uni-Racer with 88% of the vote. However, no contender would be as challenging as that which the quarter-finals had in store for RJ’s Speedmaster. I’m talking, of course, about Ben’s Rolex Daytona.

Now, the staggering win against the TAG Heuer Monza was amazing, but perhaps not surprising. Despite the TAG’s racing heritage, the black PVD finish and unique case shape had the Fratelli voting for the classic lines of the Omega. But the Rolex Daytona would not have that issue. Our young, fresh-faced rookie sure has the right name and DNA, but we must not forget that this Ed White Speedmaster was only released in 2020, giving Ben’s Daytona 116520 a 20-year advantage. To put that into context, Fernando Alonso also has a 20-year head start over Nikita Mazepin. However, un-based by the seniority of the Rolex, the Speedy charged forth to take the checkered flag. It went on to beat a distantly related Speedmaster Ultraman, and an equally impressive contender, the Zenith El Primero, to ultimately secure its victory.

The Fast & The Fratelli

And the winner is…

But none of this is really news, is it? You lot already knew who stood proudly atop The Fast And The Fratelli podium, popping champagne and lifting the trophy above its head. We know that the Zenith took second place, and third place will actually be decided upon today in a shootout between Dave’s Fortis and Balazs’s Speedmaster Ultraman — the two watches knocked out in the semi-final round. Make sure to vote for the third-place podium spot below.

However, the real question is this: which of you, the Fratelli, won the competition for a shiny, brand-spanking-new Traxxas RC car? Well, it’s our very own king in the north, the sunglasses-wearing, beer-drinking superstar that is Warky!

Congratulations, Warky, on securing your own victory. Tirelessly keeping up with every round of the competition, keeping the wheels turning with your unfailing witty and insightful commentary, and coming dangerously close to making the Kraken Kartel’s most-wanted list with your (probably well-founded) accusations of corruption and skulduggery. We will be in touch with you shortly to arrange the shipping of the Traxxas car your way! And though it may not arrive before Christmas, may it be a belated present from us to you. In the meantime, our dear Fratelli, we thank you all for your undying support and for joining us for another exciting competition. Stay tuned for plenty of fun things to come in 2022!

For now, be sure to vote for your third-place winner below!

The Fast And The Fratelli Third-Place Shootout — Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Vs. Fortis B-42 Cosmonauts Chronograph (1)

Which watch takes third place?