I will be very much off the beaten track in the week to come. In an area which could be described as potentially unsafe when wearing luxury accessories. It will not be the first time for me over there, so I pretty well know what to do and don’t. Wearing a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date with President bracelet would be one of the things to avoid, so I chose another watch for this weeks 52Mondayz.

Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X

Tissot Navigator Automatic reference 44646-3X

Remaining in the same era as last week, when I wore this Omega Speedmaster Professional, this week I chose to wear a lesser valuable watch. A 1974 vintage Tissot Navigator Automatic with reference 44646-3X.

Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X

The Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X on my wrist

Quality vintage and extremely affordable

I often wonder how it’s possible to acquire watches like this Tissot at such affordable prices. It’s certainly not Rolex and it’s not even Omega. However, the quality of Tissot watches in the beginning of the seventies was quite equal to the latter. Not surprisingly as well. Since the 1930’s Omega and Tissot joint forces to overcome financial difficulties caused by the first world war. Although the brands remained separate, the development and manufacturing of many casing parts and calibers were merged. This cooperation lasted at least 50 years.

Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X

A quality vintage watch can be found for under the radar prices

Tissot caliber 2481 equals Omega caliber 1481

The automatic movement in my Tissot Navigator is the 21 jewels Tissot caliber 2481, beating at 21.600 A/h. It’s said to be the last movement Omega and Tissot developed together. While Tissot produced the 2481 movement with 21 jewels, Omega produced its equivalent as caliber 1480 with 17, and caliber 1481 with 21 jewels. Quite unpopular about this movement is its date quick set function, which is operated by repeatedly pushing the winding crown. Happily on my watch it’s still functioning fine.

Tissot caliber 2481

A Tissot caliber 2481, here as seen in a Tissot Seastar

The above image of the Tissot caliber 2481 (here as seen in a Tissot Seastar) was borrowed from The Watch Spot. A site dedicated to wristwatch restoration, servicing and repair, based in Yorkshire, UK.

Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X

A mesh bracelet blending in with the era of the watch

A mesh bracelet suits this watch very well

A mesh bracelet suits this watch very well in my opinion. I ordered this one some time ago from a company named ‘Strapboutique’. In fact I ordered a 20 mm one which I wanted to try on my Seiko Marine Master 300. However they sent me the wrong size, an 18 mm. Repeated emails didn’t seem to reach them, at least they didn’t respond to them. Later in the ‘company info about us’ section of their website I found out that they were a “Team of watch enthusiasts, who enjoy accessorizing their watches and wardrobe” and I still have no clue where they’re based. I’m happy I received a bracelet at all..

Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X

The fliplock-like buckle

Remarkable finish and buckle

Although for obvious reasons I don’t advise you to order this bracelet from the company where I bought it, I have to say it’s a very nice bracelet. The construction is solid, the feel is good, as is the finish. No overly sharp edges and a very fine brushing of the surfaces. Something some of the much higher-end manufacturers could learn from. Special mention has to be made about the clasp. As such, a regular hooking clip to a sliding part which adjusts the length to your satisfaction. However after having closed the clip, it’s secured by another one. Almost like the fliplock construction of Rolex sports clasps. It won’t open unintentionally, avoiding to lose the watch. All that and only for US$ 29.99.

Tissot Navigator Automatic 44646-3X


To learn more about models in the current Tissot collection please visit the Tissot website at www.tissotwatches.com.