U42 – Does This Put U-Boat On The Map Of Serious Brands?

Robert-Jan Broer
September 21, 2010
U42 – Does This Put U-Boat On The Map Of Serious Brands?

A few years ago, U-Boat jumped in the gap – at that time – of big watches. A Panerai wasn’t affordable for everyone, so U-Boat produced large quartz watches and had a wide network of resellers. You could even get them at most clothing stores for men. Clever marketing made U-Boat a big name and even people who didn’t care about watches, seem to know this brand. Heck, someone in a clothing store even asked me whether I was wearing a U-Boat, while it was a Panerai.

Perhaps not fully justified, but I’ve never given U-Boat watches a proper look. Dimer send me a few of his pictures that he took of this U42 model and telling me that he was very impressed by the watch and the watch box. Since I know Dimer is serious about watches, I am tempted to examine this U-Boat as well.

For now, I have to base my opinion on Dimer’s pictures and to be honest, it actually looks like it has been well crafted by these guys in Italy. The price is also impressive, 3700 euro for this limited edition U42, only 999 pieces made. It is a 53mm watch and has a 3rd party movement (ETA or Sellita, U-Boat doesn’t tell).

Let me know about your experiences or thoughts on U-Boat, by leaving a comment below this post.

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