Welcome to this month’s Watch Strap Review. The 46th article to be exact. In a few months’ time, we will reach the magical number of 50. I guess we will have to do something special for that occasion. Until then though, we have yet another company to add to our long list of reviewed strap makers. The name is Atelier Del Sur and we some outstanding straps from them to look at.

I opened the box with great expectations and, I am pleased to say, they were met. Consequently, it was very easy for me to sit down and write this article. That is not always the case. On the other hand, I often have to wait to get into the mood. Not this time. These Atelier Del Sur straps were easy to work with. In conclusion, they are not only nice looking but inspiring as well.

Atelier Del Sur

I have received three straps from Atelier Del Sur. From the moment I removed them from the box, I knew which watches I would use them on. According to the company philosophy, the brand “does not consider momentary fashion trends, instead is heavily influenced by class and timeless elegance”. Certainly, all three of these straps are testaments to this viewpoint. Each of them is different in terms of color and style — even size, for that matter. But what unites them is the overall impression.

…maybe it’s the use of certain leathers.

To me, all three felt vintage. Or, better yet, elegant and different enough to be worn with a modern watch as well as a vintage timepiece. Perhaps it’s because they have a thinner profile. Or maybe it’s the use of certain leathers.  It could be their unique buckle that is somewhat of a trademark of Atelier Del Sur. Let’s take a closer look…


Minimal Stitch Watch Strap

The first strap we have from Atelier Del Sur is a simple one. A caramel brown 18mm with minimal stitch (or side stitch) strap. It comes in a regular size of 12cm and 7.5cm. If you need a shorter (10.5/6.5cm) or a longer (13.5/8.5cm) strap, however, that is possible. Needless to say, other sizes are also available. Atelier Del Sur offers this Minimal Stitch Strap in every millimeter from 17 all the way to 22. For instance, mine is 18 on the lug side and 16 on the buckle side. The thickness is only 2mm and, as such, this is a great option for vintage or dressy models where thicker straps might look too bulky. In short, we have a super soft calf leather with light calf lining. However, aside from the side stitches, the only decoration you’ll see is the creased edges.

Atelier Del Sur

Atelier Del Sur uses Argentinian hides to produce its beautiful straps and accessories. So far, the beautiful South American country was known for its tasty beef. A byproduct of the meat industry is a large variety of hides that find their ways mostly to the shoe industry. Such a huge amount of workable material is, of course, to the watch industry’s benefit also.

Thanks to the double clasp, the need for a second keeper is reduced.

One thing we definitely need to talk about is the buckle. Though it might seem a small detail, a buckle can make or break a strap. Atelier Del Sur uses a Double Side Buckle, their own signature clasp. The design resembles vintage Omega buckles from the ’60s and ’70s. Thanks to the double clasp, the need for a second keeper is reduced. Lastly, we need to mention the price of these Minimal Stitch Straps. The company charges $80 for them, and with this price, they are the cheapest in the lineup.

Minimal Stitch Watch Strap

Light Grey Strap

Moving on from the Minimal Stitch Strap we have a Light Grey Leather Watch Strap for your viewing pleasure. Atelier Del Sur is not a company that gives names to their straps, which is fine by me. Though, it would have made my job easier if they did not call them exactly what they are. Regardless, the name does not take anything away from the quality of this product.

I love a bit more tapering…

The second strap I have here comes in 20/16mm. As far as sizes go, just like above, you can get anything from 17mm to 22mm. The thickness is around 2.5mm. It is worth mentioning that you can choose this light grey strap in both 20/16mm or 20/18mm versions. I love a bit more tapering so went with the 20/16mm. This is another strap made of calfskin with a light-colored lining.

Light Grey Strap

This time the surface is not smooth like the Minimal Stitch Straps. Instead, the band has a tumbled leather pattern with light stitching. As you would have with most straps, the edges are painted. Furthermore, the same Double Side Buckle comes with this Light Grey Strap. Needless to say, every product that I reviewed from Atelier Del Sur comes in a large number of colors, including this one. Should you wish to order one, you’d have to pay $90, which is more than a fair price, I think.

Shell Cordovan Strap

Lastly, we arrive at the most expensive of the bunch — a $110 Shell Cordovan Strap. Let’s start with the similarities with the other two products from Atelier del Sur. The sizes, the fit, the buckle, and the vegetable-tanned lining are all identical to the previous straps. Here, the thickness is only 2–2.2mm. I have to confess that I’m not sure what color this strap is. See, the company has two very similar products in this category; Oxblood or Burgundy Shell Cordovan. Either way, it’s a stunner.

Atelier Del Sur

This type of leather is one of the most sought after among ateliers specializing in leather goods. It is extremely robust and beautiful. These Shell Cordovan straps are a treat for any timepiece, modern or vintage alike. We only have a color matching straight stitching on the strap’s lug ends. The edges are painted as well and the buckle is the same as before.

Atelier Del Sur

Closing words

What’s left to say about Atelier Del Sur? Firstly, what I review is only a small glimpse into the vast variety of straps the brand offers. So, if you would like to visit Atelier Del Sur’s website, please click here. The quality is there, the prices are reasonable, and the straps look great.

…great potential and lovely products…

Furthermore, some of the brand’s “order designs” look super promising. Whether you are looking for new shoes for your vintage baby or your modern daily wearer, you will surely find something that fits you. As far as shipping and payment is concerned, you have the usual options. You can pay with PayPal and don’t have to worry about shipping.  In other words, it is free with DHL Express (at least to Germany). To sum-up, Atelier Del Sur has great potential and lovely products to choose from.